What sort of choose roses for the garden

What sort of choose roses

All kinds of beautiful roses garden flowers, celebrated by poets … About a cozy flower garden at their summer cottage dream almost all the summer visitors. But is it possible to imagine it without the queen of flowers – roses? Hardly. Rose Bushes have always been and will be the most welcome guest at any site. Beautiful flowers with a pleasant scent can not leave indifferent.

For those who have never encountered roses varieties suitable for the garden, it is useful to know that all roses are divided into large groups, which differ from each other requirements for care, bud shape, color palette, and many other nuances.
Types of garden roses are divided into groups:

Miniature (Miniature) and Rose Patio (Patio);
Fillets or flowered;
Noble or Large-;
Ground cover (Groundcover);
Shrub or-shraby roses – Shrub (S);
Antique Rose (Old Garden Rose);
Park views;
Climbing roses (Climbing roses);
Natural Sport (rosehip) – Species (Sp).
Modern range of roses (Modern Garden Roses) has more than 15 thousand varieties. It is extremely versatile in size, color, shape, flavor … To modern garden roses still are:

Pink rose



Tea-Hybrid (Hybrid Tea);
Floribunda «Floribunda»;
Polyanthus «Polyantha»
Grandiflora «Grandiflora» and others.
The following are considered the most popular group of roses with the division on the basis of sustainable horticultural traits.


Pink rose1






Pink rose3434



Type of climbing rose
Climbing roses (curly)
This type of rose is widely used in the decoration of the garden, because it has the properties to grow on vertical surfaces, like bindweed. They can decorate a fence or arbor, columns, arches, to draw the wall. These roses love the sun, heat and light. When their care it is important to feeding the soil. They also do not like the cold, but quite practical in everything else.

Types of climbing roses to distinguish:

Clymer (vintage, modern, miniature);
Rambler (large-);
Hybrid tea rose (Hybrid Tea and Climbing Hybrid Tea)
These noble roses are considered among the most beautiful and elegant species. It is customary to give them for the holidays, and anniversaries. Variations of garden roses there are so many, but one feature is suitable for all – the nobility and refinement.
rose park
This group of roses is considered one of the most unpretentious of all existing, so if you can not attend your garden every day, it is better to choose some sort of this group. Caring for them is timely pruning the old branches.




The most important advantage of this group is their hardiness. In summer, they like sunny places, but not direct intense sunlight and droop when they are in the shade, so the best option for them is the penumbra. Roses in this group do not like the wind, they should not be planted near the trees.

Rose Park recently began to delight us in public places – parks, along roads. One of the most beautiful varieties of roses park – Hansaland. He loved many cottagers thanks to its lush and long flowering and beautiful bright red buds.

Ground cover roses
For this group of roses says their name – they literally cover the ground in a different color. Especially looks nice when planted with bushes of different varieties of this species. Ground cover form small buds that grow close to each other, forming a living carpet of roses.

With regard to the environment, this type of roses as unpretentious as the park. Moreover, this rose calls for a minimum of maintenance. So, faded buds can not cut, as they do not require annual pruning, is not susceptible to many diseases.

What sort of choose roses


These extraordinary roses have different forms and shapes – some are a little reminiscent of peonies, some – Hybrid Tea varieties. They are famous for their unusual appearance and mostly gentle petals shades.

With regard to care, they are unpretentious, resistant to cold and frost. Unlike parks varieties, this species provides great buds. By the way, the rose-shraby easy to grow, they have good immunity against diseases.

In choosing roses for the garden plot there is one problem – the entire set of species is necessary to choose only a few. And it is difficult, because in fact all the roses are beautiful and interesting, it is difficult to opt for a single variety.