We Rely on These Microwavable Heating Pads for Pain and Stress Relief

In need of instant pain relief for sore backs and necks? Putting some heat on it might do you wonders. If you overdid your muscles at the gym or long for a nice, calming way to wind down, heat therapy might benefit you well. Heat therapy has lots of benefits actually, and some experts even speculate that the treatment might benefit elderly people suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease. With a microwavable heating pad on hand, you can ease those stiff muscles and menstrual cramps conveniently and naturally, without the aid of oral and topical medicines.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a microwavable heating pad exactly?

    Answer: The microwavable heating pad is designed for convenient heat or cold therapy—to apply heat therapy, the heating pad is usually placed in the microwave oven in order to warm it up. This type of heating pad is usually composed of material like flannel or any item with excellent insulation plus fill which comes in the form of either flax seeds, wheat or buckwheat. Microwavable heating pads are portable as well so you can apply it once needed, anywhere.

  2. How do you warm up microwavable heating pads?

    Answer: To heat a microwavable heating pad, you need to put the item on a dry, clean plate first then put it inside the microwave. Do not put the exact pad straight into the microwave. Also, make sure that the microwave is clean and free from oil or other food remains—regardless, make sure that the item will not get in contact with any grease or other similar substances. Always follow directions—do not overheat the pad. Heat and make use of the item as per manufacturer’s instructions.

  3. How do you use the microwavable heating pad correctly?

    Answer: In case you are not that familiar with the microwave’s power rating, try using the shortest suggested heating time. However, if the pad is not heated through according to your liking, try adding another 30 seconds to the subsequent heating cycle. You need to test a few heating times first before you acquire the best temperature for you. There is no need to submerge heating pads in water in order to clean it—you only need to spot-clean the item in case it gets dirty and allow it to dry thoroughly before every use.

Our Top Picks


Bed Buddy Comfort Wrap for Neck and Shoulders

  • Heat wrap for shoulder and neck
  • With soothing lavender and rose scents
  • Reusable heating pad
  • With 100% natural grains

If you want to get rid of that crick in your muscles, why not try a heating pad? The Bed Buddy Comfort Wrap for Neck and Shoulders may aid you in this regard. This reusable heat pad can be warmed in the microwave for instant heat therapy—soothe aching muscles, neck and shoulders by wrapping this one around affected parts. The wrap contains a fill made from 100 percent natural grains and it even offers aromatherapy benefits through its calming lavender and rose essential oils.


AllSett Microwavable Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

  • For hot and cold therapy
  • Unique, plus shape
  • With 100% natural herb blend
  • With aromatherapy benefits

The AllSett Microwavable Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders will do your tired bod plenty of good. It features a unique custom-fit design meant to accommodate the neck and shoulders—the shape of the heating pad conforms like a dream to your neck and shoulders for relaxing and soothing heat and cold therapy. Double the benefits by giving the wrap pacifying aromatherapy features too—this one contains a 100 percent natural herbal blend of lavender, chamomile, rosemary, spearmint and cinnamon. These are herbs known for uplifting moods and giving stress relief.


My Heating Pad Microwavable for Cramps and Lower Back Pain

  • Instant stress and pain relief
  • Easy to use
  • Contains flax and rice
  • With very soft fleece and cotton

The My Heating Pad Microwavable for Cramps and Lower Back Pain will provide the treatment you need to keep away soreness around your muscles, back pain, menstrual cramps, aching knees and ankles and neck pain. It also doubles as a heating implement to curb off very cold environments—wrap the pad around your neck and shoulders to keep you toasty throughout. The heating pad also makes use of rice and flax for the best natural insulation. Comfort is key in relief too—this one has cotton on one side for a boost in heat retention and ultra-soft fleece on the other for extra warmth and plushness.


Nature Creation Microwavable Lumbar Heating Pad

  • Heats up fast
  • For heat and cold therapy
  • With aromatherapy benefits
  • Made in the U.S.A

The Nature Creation Microwavable Lumbar Heating Pad features a shape which is aimed to distribute heat and cold evenly—it is separated into 3 channels and its form was wrought in a manner that it will conform naturally to any body part. That way, you can easily use this heating pad on various aching parts and to facilitate stress reduction. The pad also provides dual-treatment functions—put it inside the freezer for cold therapy or in the microwave for heat application. Want to feel warm in the winter? You can use this item too to keep yourself toasty and comfortable.


REVIX Heated Neck Wrap Microwave Heating Pad for Neck and Shoulders

  • Offers soothing moist heat
  • For heat and cold treatments
  • Contains durable clay beads
  • With organic millet and flax seeds

The REVIX Heated Neck Wrap Microwave Heating Pad will be your companion in easing troubling aches and pains around the neck, shoulder and the upper back. Its curved, sizable form supplemented by a high collar and shoulder pads packed with natural herbs will deliver the relief you need—the application of moist heat to treat shoulder pains, muscle spasms, neck pain and menstrual cramps is effective and works immediately. The pad also contains clay beads plus organic millet and flax seeds to retain heat and moisture. It has a scent, and it relaxes, so it’s double the benefits.


Carex Lavender Neck Wrap

  • Applicable for both heat and cold therapy
  • For stress relief
  • Microwavable feature
  • Contains real lavender

The Carex Lavender Neck Wrap will not only provide soothing instant pain relief on your neck and shoulder areas—since this one contains genuine lavender, it also helps you calm down and de-stress after a tiring day. The pad functions as a hot compress for excellent moist heat therapy. In need of an ice pack to treat sore areas? You can use this one too—just put it in the freezer for an instant cold fix. Very nice to wrap around the neck and shoulders during the dog days of summer. The wrap also features two sides—one comes with plush while the other has sleek, smooth satin.

Give your body the TLC it requires—when it’s in pain, treat it immediately. For sore necks, upper backs and shoulders, using a microwavable heating pad is your best bet. Some options also feature aromatherapy benefits to keep stress away and give your soul the boost it deserves.