The Best Relaxing Scalp Massagers to Try

Massages are one of the best indulgences that we can experience. Nothing beats a relaxing massage after a long, taxing day to ease our bodies of tension and anxiety. A good massage boosts our wellbeing and helps in undoing damage brought on by hectic lifestyles. The scalp massage is a popular type of massage, coveted by many because of its fast-acting soothing effects. Scalp massages have other advantages too, and with the help of a quality scalp massager, such experiences are brought to another level. Read more about what these devices bring by reading the rest of this guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a scalp massager exactly?

    Answer: The scalp massager is basically a device used to massage the scalp. Scalp massagers are available in a few types and vary in terms of sizes and shapes. Majority of these devices are handheld and portable. Scalp massagers eases tension and pressure, loosen dirt, dandruff and other debris and it also helps boost follicle and blood circulation. If you use hair treatments and products on your hair, these devices can also help them work even better.

  2. What are the benefits of using a scalp massager?

    Answer: As mentioned earlier, scalp massagers help in various functions. For one, it boosts circulation for the blood and hair follicles. The scalp is actually one of the most difficult areas for the blood to circulate. Thus, a massage helps in increasing blood and oxygen circulation to nourish follicles. Tension and anxiety can lead to tightness around the scalp, and this inhibits blood circulation which can lead to hair loss. Scalp massagers eases tension and brings back flexibility to produce the best environment for better hair growth. Regular scalp massage also gets rid of dead cells, excessive sebum and dandruff which can restrict hair growth. Scalp massagers aid in distributing natural oils from the hair to condition and safeguard your tresses. It also feels relaxing and nurturing.

  3. How do scalp massagers work?

    Answer: In general, scalp massagers are combed through your tresses gently and allowed to slide against the scalp. There are types which are used in the shower while electric ones are designed to work on dry hair. To take advantage of a scalp massager’s functions, work the device using circular motions on the scalp to slacken off excess sebum and dead skin. If you suffer from dandruff, you can use shower-friendly scalp massagers to loosen them up. If you have thinning hair and make use of treatments like a scalp serum, you can make it work better by using a scalp massager before applying the serum. When circulation is better, blood vessels become more enlarged, thus allowing the skin to take in the product more effectively.

Our Top Picks


HEETA Hair Shampoo Brush

  • Waterproof device
  • Eases itchiness and boosts blood flow
  • Has ergonomic design
  • Great for all hair types/lengths

The HEETA Hair Shampoo Brush is a manually-operated scalp massager which is designed for use in the shower. Use your favorite shampoo on the device and take advantage of its benefits—it brings many from improved blood and follicle circulation, tension relief and it can even help undo dandruff, dead skin and excess sebum on your scalp. It is ideal to use on all hair types and lengths—whether long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly, dry or wet, this device accommodates all. Use it 5X a week for healthier, fast-growing hair.


USAGA Head Massager

  • Relaxing head massager
  • Comes with 20 prongs
  • Soft yet durable
  • Easy to use

The USAGA Head Massager gives that extra-nice tingle whenever you run it against your scalp. The device may look all sorts of weird but slide it on your head and you will appreciate the instant relaxing effects it brings. It comes with 20 prongs, and these prongs slip around the scalp to ease tension. You can also use the device on the neck and shoulders. The unit is soft and a breeze to use but it’s durable. It’s quite compact too so you can take it anywhere for an instant relaxing boost.


Massage Pro Scalp Massager

  • Made with quality rubber and silicone
  • Comfortable brush design
  • Soothing silicone bristles
  • Lightweight scalp massager

The Massage Pro Scalp Massager will make showers more beneficial for you thanks to its thick, silicone bristles which aid in easing tension and pressure off of your head. It does not require any batteries to work and it’s waterproof too. This hair shampoo brush is made to massage your scalp gently as you wash to improve blood and hair follicle circulation. It is also a great way to exfoliate your scalp and prepare it for deep scalp treatments and hair serums. The device features thick silicone bristles to work on the scalp and it also comes with a sturdy, ergonomic handle which makes it easy to use even with sudsy, wet hands.


Tenswa Electric Scalp Massager

  • Has 28 separate rotating nodes
  • Multi-directional movement
  • 6 kinds of massage methods
  • Long battery life

If you want something that you can use each time you need satisfying head massage, the Tenswa Electric Scalp Massager is ready to do the job. The unit features 4 massage heads equipped with 28 separate nodes that turn in clockwise and anticlockwise directions. It replicates the motions of 4 fingers that massage the scalp. Using the device helps in relieving tension, deep relaxation, easing headaches and it also boosts hair growth by boosting blood flow in the area. The unit serves up to 6 massage types from kneading, clawing, pushing, pulling and the like. It’s 7-level waterproof too so you can use it in the shower.


MANLI Electric Hair Scalp Massager

  • Includes 4 removable massage heads
  • Has 28 massage knots
  • Provides 360-degree kneading massage
  • IPX-7 waterproof

Another nice electric model that you can try is the MANLI Electric Hair Scalp Massager. This one features 84 working nodes and 4 massage heads that operate using clockwise and anticlockwise movements to mimic massaging fingers. It can pull, push, scratch and knead effectively to stimulate acupuncture points all over the scalp and facilitate better blood flow. The device also aids in stress and tension relief and it has an IPX7 water rating so you can safely use this one in the shower.


GCGORIH Scalp Massager

  • Distinctive massager design
  • Eco-friendly silicone
  • Easy to use
  • Has ergonomic handle

The GCGORIH Scalp Massager has a quality built, equipped with an ergonomic handle for easier grip even inside wet, soapy environments. The grip it comes with is quite firm and it will not slide out of your hands even when your mitts are wet and sudsy. It comes with 45 bristles with 2 varying tooth shapes which replicates the movements of massaging fingers. It has a safe and comfortable design which will not abrade your scalp. It’s very easy to use—you just use it like you would a normal hairbrush and it will function to ease tension, help you relax and boost hair follicle and blood flow for better hair growth.

You can have a relaxing scalp massage at home without the help of other people—just make use any of the scalp massagers mentioned in this article for instant relief. Use it frequently to improve blood circulation on your scalp too for faster hair growth.