The Best Calming Candles for You

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many people to reduce their time outside and instead, opt for the safety of their own homes. Many companies have also chosen to allow most of their staff to work from home and continue operations in a more protected manner. However, this general lack of social interaction and being away from our loved ones can bring about stress and anxiety.

There are many ways in which one can ease those factors but the use of specific scents is one of the most reliable methods that you can use to calm down and de-stress. A lit scented candle can help uplift or pacify agitated moods. Here are some of our favorite calming candles and why you need to use them.

Buyers Guide

  1. How are scented candles created?

    Answer: Scented candles are typically composed of 3 parts—the wick, the wax and the essential oil/s. The best wicks for scented candles are hemp and cotton since they do not include toxic substances. Natural waxes like beeswax, candelilla wax, rapeseed wax and soy wax are all-natural and better substitutes for paraffin candles since like cotton and hemp, they do not contain harmful ingredients unlike paraffin, which can contain benzene or formaldehyde. Scented candles are also made using natural essential oils. Low-quality ones are only made from synthetic oils. For the best scented candles, always choose ones made with 100% natural and pure essential oils.

  2. What is the best scented candle for anxiety and stress?

    Answer: To help you relax and ease anxiety and stress, look for candles with natural essential oils of lavender, bergamot and chamomile. Lavender for example is a great source of linalool which is a naturally-occurring alcohol chemical that facilitates a sense of calmness and tranquility. Guarantee that you will get the effects of those candles by burning them for around an hour. This will provide the flame the required time to dissolve the wax. This also makes for even burning of the candles.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing calming candles?

    Answer: The first thing you need to do is check the ingredients of the candle. The best ones are made from natural wax material and include genuine natural essential oils, not chemically-derived ones. The ingredients list must not have any mentions of mineral wax, paraffin wax, fragrance oil or perfume oil. Take note if the essential oil mentioned is followed by the plant or flower’s Latin equivalent i.e. for example, Bergamot and Citrus Bergamia. High-quality calming candles also contain 8 percent of essential oil at the least. Try to avoid colored candles since these candles usually contain artificial colorings of dyes.

Our Top Picks


La Jolie Muse Lavender Scented Candle

  • 14.1 oz. size
  • 40 to 65 hours burn time
  • Natural soy candle
  • Premium natural lavender essential oil

The La Jolie Muse Lavender Scented Candle assures burn time from 40 to 65 hours. It contains perfume-grade, premium lavender oil and made with natural soy wax, a biodegradable and renewable product that burns cleanly and will not emit smoke. Lavender is praised due to its therapeutic advantages—it calms you down and allows for a better, more pacified sleep. It also helps relieve pain and stress. The candle is housed in an eye-catching, gift-ready tin that has a compact size and reusable to boot.


Aromascape PT41899 Lavender & Vanilla Scented Candle

  • 19 oz. size
  • Lavender and vanilla scent
  • 60 to 80 hours burn time
  • Transparent glass design

The Lavender & Vanilla Scented Candle from Aromascape has a soothing blend of wild lavender, white sage, vanilla, musk and honeycomb. All natural essential oils work to provide a sense of serenity and wellbeing—the inspiration behind the scent include rich botanicals and island getaways. Ensure the best effects by using the candle no more than 2 hours every day and by trimming the wick for a balanced burn.


Chesapeake Bay Candle Stillness + Purity (Rose Water) Scented Candle

  • Up to 50 hours burn time
  • Comes in colored frosted jar
  • All-natural essential oils
  • Made in the U.S.A

This Stillness + Purity (Rose Water) Scented Candle guarantees more serene and laidback surroundings once it wafts all over your living space. It has notes of bergamot, rose, jasmine and fresh peony to help you loosen up while its zesty notes of orange, natural cedar leaf and mandarin revitalizes to help you get on with tasks for the day. All natural oils included in this candle are rose absolute, orange, cedar leaf, mandarin, petitgrain, gurjun balsam and geranium. It is made with soy wax and also comes with lead-free self-trimming wicks for a neat burn.


Benevolence Premium Rose & Sandalwood Hand Poured Scented Candles

  • Rose and sandalwood scent
  • High-quality, pure ingredients
  • Natural soy wax
  • Graceful, elegant packaging

The Premium Rose & Sandalwood Hand Poured Scented Candles from Benevolence combines the soothing scents of freshly-cut roses and woody sandalwood. The candles come in a matte black jar which looks sleek and elegant and it lights in a snap without the smoke and the fumes. It also lasts long and the fragrance it releases is quite smooth and enticing—you will know it’s quality stuff. Another highlight of this product is that a portion of the profits from every purchase of candles from the brand goes to Zoe International, their charity partner and an organization which helps stop human trafficking all over the world.


Paddywax Blood Orange & Bergamot Candle

  • 9 oz. size
  • Up to 60 hours burn time
  • Hand-poured candle
  • Soy wax and cotton wicks

The Paddywax Blood Orange & Bergamot Candle will change your outlook as soon as the scent wafts around your environment. The fragrances of natural bergamot and blood orange essential oils work together to help calm you down and uplift your mood on the most stress-filled of days. It is made from clean, natural ingredients from its soy wax, genuine natural essential oils down to its cotton wicks. The clean composition results into a candle that burns without the awful smoke and fumes. Made and hand-poured in the U.S.A.


Illumisense Premium Amber Bergamot Fragrance Soy Candles

  • Natural soy wax
  • 75 to 80 hours burn time
  • 100% cotton single wick
  • Fresh, long-lasting citrus aroma

The Illumisense Premium Amber Bergamot Fragrance Soy Candles is a great candle for all aromatherapy enthusiasts—it’s made with natural soy wax for a cleaner burn, includes a single wick made from 100 percent cotton and has the refreshing and calming scents of amber and bergamot. It will not release any soot, smoke or fumes and its packaging is quite attractive too so it makes for a wonderful gift for family and friends who are into aromatherapy. One whiff of this juicy candle and it will make instant followers of the pursuit.

Do not let the hysteria and the information of the pandemic overwhelm you. Make sure to remain calm in moments of panic. A good scented calming candle can help you get by in these tough times.