Relieve That Itch with the Best Back Scratchers

Scratching can be a relief just as long as you won’t go overboard with it—the skin might get red and raw, even break and bleed if you scratch too hard. When the muscles in our back feel constricted and stiff, scratching our back just makes things a bit better. That’s the reason why back scratchers are quite popular with some folks. All that gentle scratching leads to a boost in blood flow and in turn, less tension and stress.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why do we feel the need to scratch?

    Answer: Scratching is an action which serves as a defensive mechanism to take away irritants present on the skin. Our environment contains irritants in the air which can settle on the skin and lead to irritation. Other factors like allergies and insect bites can also lead to scratching for temporary, quick relief. The skin has dermal cells which are lined with sensory receptors referred to as nociceptors, the sensory neurons that reaction to sensations like pain. Scratching is also another kind of reflexive action which can be performed several times each day, whether you are conscious of it or not.

  2. What should I do if the itching got worse?

    Answer: When you are not getting relief from mere scratching or medicines, you need to see your doctor immediately so you can identify the case of the itch. Providing your doctor crucial info like your medical condition, medication, supplements or skin care products that you take, the food allergies you have, travel history and lifestyle will help your doctor determine your condition.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing back scratchers?

    Answer: First, you need to check the quality of the material the back scratcher was made of. The device needs to be well-made and durable in order to provide longer usage. Next, you have to consider the design of the device since back scratchers come in a good range of styles as well. There are ones that resemble hairbrushes and some that look like paws or hands. There are also foldable ones that are great for traveling. Choose the design that feels most comfortable for you.

Our Top Picks


Bearback Back Scratcher

  • With dozens of flexible bristles
  • Gentle on skin\
  • Durable, strong built
  • Extendable length

The Bearback Back Scratcher will ease that itchy skin on your back—the device makes use of flexible bristles to take care of the problem efficiently. This one comes in handy thanks to its collapsible/extendable features—the folding handle of the scratcher can be extended 17 inches and it collapses to a short 9.5 inches for storage. To guarantee the best pressure according to your needs, it comes with an ergonomic handle too. The non-slip grip assures better handling and control.


The Ultimate Back and Body Scratcher – Feel the Sensation of Tingling Relief

  • Has Hundreds of points of contact for a deep scratch
  • Has a long handle for hard to reach spots
  • Feels amazing on every part of the body that ever has an itch
  • Very simple design for the absolute best results
  • Also works as an exfoliator

The Body Scratcher is the most thorough, efficient and simplified back scratcher we have ever seen and used. It has hundreds of short spikes that are stiff but also soft and when we drag it across the skin it feels absolutely amazing! It makes you tingle and we get constant shivers down the spine; the good kind. We use this Scratcher everywhere not just the back but also the legs, arms, lower back, palm of our hands, head, and even parts of the face. Of course if you have an itch the natural thing to do is to scratch yourself with your fingers but now when we get an itch we only want to use The Body Scratcher because it feels a million times better. Half the time we won’t even have an itch we’ll use it just because it feels incredible. We use it everyday and buy it as gifts. No one should be without this scratcher.


Vermont Maple Back Scratcher by Maple Landmark

  • Made from native Vermont maple
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Long handle for tough spots
  • Guaranteed for life

The Vermont Maple Back Scratcher from Maple Landmark Woodcraft will save you from the door casing using no high-tech gizmos or gadgets. This backscratcher is crafted from sustainably harvested, native Vermont hardwood maple and finished with a non-staining teak oil finish. The teeth are rough enough to soothe the itch but sanded smooth as to not snag on sweaters or open weave garments. This back scratcher is light and at ¼” thick and 16” long it can be stashed easily in a carry bag or backpack. All products from Maple Landmark are guaranteed for life.


BambooWorx 4-Piece Traditional Back Scratcher and Body Relaxation Massager Set

  • Has 4 scratching tools
  • Functional design
  • Innovative system
  • Made from 100% natural bamboo

The BambooWorx 4-Piece Traditional Back Scratcher and Body Relaxation Massager Set contains pieces that will accommodate relaxing massage and relief from itchiness. This 4-piece set is composed of devices each made with a specific function—the Double Wheel massage roller is recommended for gentle back massages, the Ball Massager is for treating itchy areas, the Standard Scratcher is for convenient daily relief while the Travel Size Scratcher has a compact size that is great for trips.


Plazuria Portable Extendable Bear Claws Metal Back Scratchers

  • 4-pack set of scratchers
  • Manual back massagers
  • High-quality stainless steel and rubber built
  • With claw design

The Plazuria Portable Extendable Bear Claws Metal Back Scratchers is another top 4-pack set which comes with a convenient selection of scratchers in various colors. The devices are made from prime, durable stainless steel and rubber materials for efficacy, better handling and longer usage. These manual back massagers also feature a relief-inducing claw design—it’s lengthy, has a handy rod shape and slim built. They can function as massagers for your scalp, head, back and foot too.


Aznrszy Back Scratcher and Massager

  • Made from solid wood and 304 stainless steel
  • With excellent war and corrosion-resistance
  • Longer, improved length
  • Has 15-tooth 5.5 cm-wide claw

The Aznrszy Back Scratcher and Massager was finally given an upgrade—this time, the scratcher now comes with a longer length—from 20 inches, this device measures 24 inches in length today so it can accommodate taller people and individuals with special needs. The scratcher is crafted from first-rate wood and stainless steel materials for better, longer use and effectiveness. The claw-style scratcher is also wider at 5.5 centimeters so it can cover more areas with just one swipe. It’s retractable too so it can fit most bags and backpacks.


YicoGomo Store Extendable Back Scratcher

  • Stainless steel back scratcher
  • Has telescoping handle
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Great to give as gifts

The YicoGomo Store Extendable Back Scratcher will come in handy in case you need to scratch your back and there’s nobody around to do the job. The device is great for relieving itchiness caused by insect bites, eczema, dry skin and allergic reactions. It’s made from stainless steel that has great corrosion and rust-resistance—it has a reliable built too which will not break nor bend with frequent use. The retractable design of the device also allows users to treat areas that are trickier to reach.


RENOOK 2PCS Back Scratcher For Adults

  • 2-piece pack of back scratchers
  • Has curved ergonomic handle
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Made from high-quality engineered plastics

Itchiness around the back can be an annoying thing especially if you cannot reach specific areas. Here is where a good back scratcher enters the picture. The RENOOK 2PCS Back Scratcher For Adults is a set of scratchers made from fine, reliably-engineered plastics that are resistant against breaking and cracking. What you have are back scratchers that do their job efficiently without hitches. The needles of the scratchers vary in length as well to better scratch itchy, affected areas expertly. The curved handle also makes scratching a simple task.

Most of the time, there’s nobody there to scratch our back in case itchiness occurs on that specific part. Thus, having a back scratcher around is especially handy. It gives instant relief, it eases tension and it also serves as a nice massager. Our list has got your covered; all you need to do is decide which item to purchase.