25+ Prom Hairstyles Half Up Half Down

Prom Hairstyles Half Up Half Down

Graduation is an important event in the life of every girl. You need to think through every detail of your image, starting with an evening gown and ending with accessories. Hairstyle is one of the important items on this list. Which one to choose for yourself? We will help you with this! Below is a selection of the most beautiful hairstyles for graduation, which are easy and simple to do with your own hands.

There are no special rules for choosing a hairstyle for prom. It all depends on your preferences. Below is a photo recommendation that will help determine the option of a simple hairstyle for prom, and will harmoniously blend with your prom dress
































Carefully gathered back hair looks very gentle and elegant, revealing your neck and shoulders. This hairstyle is suitable for hair of any length. You can not only pick up hair in a bun, but also add a variety of weaving fashionable this year. The voluminous tail is a great idea! By the way, slight negligence is now in vogue, so feel free to try to do such a hairstyle on the graduation yourself, without fear of an imperfect result.

Pay attention to this rather easy-to-use hairstyle if you bought a long dress for the prom for a prom. In the ensemble it will look restrained, but stylish, on the one hand, and cute romantic – on the other.









If your image does not have brilliant components, you can safely add a little glow to your flawless hairstyle. Instead of the usual fixing spray, use a varnish with glitter or a flicker effect to emphasize the beauty of styling and make the image as luxurious as possible.
The variety of women’s hairstyles for medium, long and short hair has no boundaries, so you should understand this great variety of beautiful creations. It doesn’t matter how old you are, the main desire at any evening to look well-groomed and beautiful. Fashionable weaving, the style of Ancient Greece, retro hairpins with crystals, fleece with flowers, glossy styling – this is the smallest of what you can create with your own hands at home.