Patchwork bedspread and pillowcases for pillows.

Patchwork. We sew themselves blanket and pillowcases for pillows.

Fans of patchwork using the patchwork technique can sew a blanket of blocks with a stitch, for a double bed and pillowcases for pillows. Of course, you will have to tinker a little with the sewing blocks, but the result is worth it) The blanket consists of three layers: the front side, the lining and the padding pad between them. Good luck to everyone and a great spring mood!


I enclose the diagrams of blocks with the indicated sizes below, I think that everything is clear and it’s not difficult to figure out. The stitches will need to be made on a sewing machine, laying it on a ready-made blanket, along all layers with padding polyester. The pattern for stitches is arbitrary.

When stitching blocks, pay attention to the obtained sizes of squares, they must be exactly squares, with the same sides, otherwise the blanket will turn out to be deformed. You don’t have to draw by hand yourself; you’ll need to use a ruler, a pencil, and templates for a triangle and a square of cardboard.

Required materials for sewing blankets and pillowcases:

3 m yellow floral patterned cotton fabric

2 m cream cotton fabric with white flowers

1.5 m yellow cotton fabric

3m green cotton fabric

4 m yellow cotton fabric with lilac flowers

4m green cotton fabric with brown stripes

7 m sintepon

And again: thread, pencil, ruler, iron, sewing machine, scissors

Patchwork bedspread




Patchwork bedspread  pillowcases

Patchwork bedspread 11


Patchwork bedspread and pillowcases for pillows 11