Paper lotus flowers

Paper lotus flowers

Save yourself the idea!

Physical experiments with different objects – a fascinating spectacle, even for adults. What can we say about children, always ready for a miracle. Today we tell you about a fascinating experiment for children with paper and water. For the meeting, you will need: colored paper, pencil, scissors, wide glass cup with water.

Cut the paper flowers with long petals beautiful. Bend the petals to the center. Next, drop the flowers in water. Lotus paper slowly begins to blossom right before your eyes.

Explanation of experience: bending the paper, we thus create a break and change its thickness to the fold. The paper does not have sufficient elasticity to regain the original state. But hydrogen bonds between molecules weaken when put into water, and it absorbs liquid, as it swells. The deformed portion of the fold becomes thicker paper and straightened.

Paper lotus flowers1


Paper lotus flowers2


Paper lotus flowers7




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