Modern clothes for young women in black

Modern clothes for young women

Each of us has a favorite color (and even a few 🙂). This color most often glimpsed in our everyday wardrobe, which is what we prefer to see colors in our interior, we, after all, convenient and comfortable feel ourselves only in him and with him.

But why so? Why and how we choose our favorites among the entire color palette? Intuitively (purely on a subconscious level, we know that this color is to us more than others)? Consciously (by trial and error, we found that this shade of profitable emphasizes the beauty of our eyes)? Following the advice of a friend (she knows exactly what this color fills, and this successfully conceals our figure flaws)?






The black color in the 21st century
Today, it is believed that black color – the color of prosperity, luxury and elegance (it is like a magnet that attracts attention, gives the image of mystery, a charming and completeness).

Black dominates the modern women dress, wear it on a date, work, business meetings. In the 21 th century this was known as the color of a symbol of grace, wisdom, power and superiority over others.
Only a person who is completely confident clothed in black, thereby emphasizing the extraordinary events, power and difference from others.

But the glory was given black oh as not just a …











Black and gray – a true harmony. Both colors are neutral enough, so that together look like a complete, concise and elegant.

In addition, the black color is easy to find common language with such colors as green, orange, blue and beige.

Also, black is combined with gold and silver. Moreover, stylists insist on the need of jewelry subject to the availability of black ensemble – without them can not do, if you’re going to spend the evening in the black. It should also put a little brighter mejk so that your image is not gave mourning.



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