Low-budget and Easy Container Ideas For Herb Garden

Growing fresh greens on a windowsill in the winter in an apartment for beginners all year round: tips, technologies. What can be grown from greenery in winter at home on the windowsill: varieties of greenery.
Greens are a source of vitamins and minerals. But unfortunately, it is not possible to grow such plants in the garden due to changes in weather conditions. But if you want to please your loved ones and yourself with fresh herbs year-round, you can do cultivation on the windowsill.

In fact, growing herbs on the windowsill is not easy. Best of all from the seeds grows greens that were sown in spring or summer. At this time, a long daylight hours. In winter, plants will develop extremely slowly, so additional lighting is needed.

Hanging Kitchen Garden On a Window:





Upcycled Container Herb Garden:




DIY Pallet Living Wall Garden:




Create Your Favirate Vertical Garden with a Tiered Wire Hanging Basket:


What greenery grows well and quickly on a windowsill: a list of varieties and names

Dill. Greens grow very slowly and poorly on the windowsill, so choose the variety Grenadier, Gribovsky, Richelieu.
Parsley. Choose varieties that ripen early. Among them are “sugar”, “yield”, “leaf”.
Choose basil annual varieties.
Onion. In principle, any variety will do. You can grow from large bulbs or seeders.

Start Seeds In The Egg Carton:



Don’t Throw Away Your Old Vintage Tea Cups:



Grow a sweet little Herb Garden in these Pint Mason Jars:


Make a Vertical Garden Out of a Shoe Caddy:





For growing on a windowsill, early varieties are chosen. There are many options for growing dill. This is hydroponics or soil. The easiest way to plant in the ground. Many people think that it is enough to sow grains and just water, expecting fragrant greens. But not so simple. On the windowsill with improper care you will receive thin branches.