How to Wear Gray Jeans

How to Wear Gray Jeans

Today jeans are, perhaps, in the wardrobe of any person. They are comfortable to wear and very practical. They can be combined in different styles. With the same jeans you can get completely new interesting looks.

The most popular, of course, remain blue jeans.

If you want to bring something new to your wardrobe, then pay attention to gray jeans. They look quite original and at the same time easily combine with all colors.

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Gray jeans go wonderfully with a cardigan. It is suitable for those who love a feminine style: comfortable and free images. Put a suitable top under the cardigan, a scarf or, for example, a beautiful massive jewelry on your neck.





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How to Wear Gray Jeans


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High-waisted gray jeans will sit better on those whose belly is not a weak point. This style of jeans visually lengthens the legs. They look good on owners of a figure with narrower hips.

If you have wide hips, you will need to choose the right volumetric top, which will visually reduce them.


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Light gray jeans can be worn by girls with almost any type of figure. The most important thing is to choose the right model and put them together with other things. To light gray jeans fit the top of light, cold colors: light lilac, blue, pale pink. Therefore, consider whether these colors suit you.