How to grow peonies

How to grow peonies

A magnificent decoration of any garden will be peonies – one of the most popular ornamental plants. Their spectacular bright flowers with a delicate aroma look great against the background of dark green leaves.
Thanks to the unpretentiousness, longevity and frost resistance of peonies, it is even possible for a budding floriculturist to grow these beautiful flowers.

Planting pions in the open field (photo)

How to choose a place in a garden for peonies

To determine where to plant these flowers correctly on your site, it is important to know the following nuances:

1. Perennial peonies can be grown on a permanent place without transplantation for several years. However, despite the unpretentiousness, to obtain a lush flowering, one should nevertheless take into account some nuances when planting pions in the open ground. It is undesirable to plant them along fences, walls of buildings, as they need space and good lighting.

In the shade, the peonies are stretched out, the peduncles bend under the weight of the flowers and break down. Most often in such conditions the plant ceases to bloom at all.





If you plant pions on the south side of the site, then the flowers will quickly burn out in the sun. Therefore, the best option for their placement will be open slightly shaded areas, protected from the wind;

2. According to the soil composition for pions, light loams with a weakly acid reaction are optimal (pH = 5.5-6.5). Heavy clay soils before planting should be “ennobled” – add coarse-grained sand, dolomite flour or lime (1 kg / m2). If the site is dominated by sandy loam, then clay is added. In both cases, manure or compost is used to increase the fertility of the soil;

3. Depth of occurrence of groundwater: at a high level (1 m and above) it is necessary to drain the site.

Peonies in the garden

Peonies in the garden2


Peonies in the garden3




Peonies in the garden7

Care of peonies in the open field

Even a novice in floriculture can take care of peonies. During the period of active growth in the spring, budding and flowering peonies need constant abundant watering. One bucket consumes 1-2 buckets of water at a time. Water peonies every 10 days until the end of summer. After watering, the soil in the trunks is loosened.

Peonies love good food, which is different depending on the age of the plants.

Young peonies (up to 3 years old), when planting nutrients were added to the planting pits, do not need additional root feeding. To increase the leaf mass in the spring during the emergence of sprouts, you can spray with a solution of complex fertilizers. After 2 weeks, repeat.