Heal Seasonal Blues with the Best Light Therapy Lamps

A great deal of us spend plenty of time indoors, whether the house or the office. Hectic work and school schedules often prevent us from becoming more active outdoors, where we can experience the natural advantages of sunlight. Spending lots of hours under artificial lights instead of natural light may be a factor in our lethargy and unease, a sadness in the same vein as Seasonal Affective Disorder of SAD, a depressive condition which leads to negative mood shifts connected to the changing of seasons.

This can be treated though with light therapy—it’s a treatment that engages everyday exposure to intense artificial light that mimics sunshine. Studies have shown the use of light therapy has similar success to traditional medicines. For more information about this treatment, make sure to read the rest of this guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. Is the use of light therapy truly effective?

    Answer: Light therapy was designed to mimic sunlight and exposure to light therapy results to chemical changes within the brain. The chemical shifts then reduce SAD symptoms and improve moods. In order for the treatment to be effective, the lamp should present 10,000 lux at the least. Lux refers to the SI-derived unit of light that measures luminous flux per unit area. Lux is equal to one lumen per square meter. It is often used as a gauge of the light’s intensity as seen by human eyes.

  2. What is the correct way to use light therapy?

    Answer: The length of time for light therapy exposure will be based on the brightness of the lamp. For instance, if the lamp provides 2500 lux it requires at least a 2-hour exposure. Light therapy lamps that present 10,000 lux necessitate only a 30-minute exposure. The treatment can last from half an hour to 2 hours daily. If you are a beginner, you can start with 15 minutes of therapy then you can increase the time bit by bit. The most recommended time to use the lamp is morning. There’s no need to sit in front of the lamp per session actually, you can watch TV or read a book while using the lamp. Take note though that you should not stare directly at the lamp during a session.

  3. What factors must be considered when choosing light therapy lamps?

    Answer: Remember that light therapy lamps are categorized by purpose too—there are ones meant to treat skin conditions while some are for SAD and depression symptoms. Consider the lamp brightness—the best ones offer 10000 lux at the least. High-quality light therapy lamps also come with features that filter out most UV rays/lights. These lamps are also available in lots of styles from table lamps, upright lamps and floor lamps.

Our Top Picks


Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

  • Sleek, contemporary shell design
  • With 10000 lux intensity
  • Offers 6500K color temperature
  • UV-free, safe LED lights

The Miroco Light Therapy Lamp is a bestseller due to its 10000-lux intensity and the 6500K color temperature of natural sunlight. It will not emit UV lights as well so it’s safe to use. To accommodate varying needs, the lamp comes with adjustable brightness—simply manage brightness levels by pressing on the touch panel. It also comes with a memory feature—the lamp will present the light from your previous session. You can use it every morning for a quick burst of energy, or treat SAD symptoms in winter.


TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp

  • Provides 10,000 lux intensity
  • Offers 6500K color temperature
  • Has Ultra-Thin design
  • Comes with Easy-Set Timer

The TaoTronics Light Therapy Lamp also provides 10000 lux intensity plus the natural 6500k color temperature of sunlight. It is one of the easiest to use since it comes with brightness level adjustments and an Easy-Set timer. The design of the lamp is sleek and very slim too so packing it in your bag (safely) is made easier. You can use it at home, in the office or when traveling. The memory function of the device also allows it to retain the last programmed brightness level once it’s switched on.


Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy

  • With SkyEffect Technology
  • Provides 17,000 Kelvin UV-free light
  • Portable and compact design
  • With built-in timer

The Nature Bright SunTouch Plus Light and Ion Therapy has been proven to be safe for the eyes by the Age-Related Macular Degeneration Center in the University of Texas—this is one of the advantages of this light therapy lamp model. It utilizes the brand’s exclusive SkyEffect technology which releases 17,000 Kelvin lights to treat SAD and depression symptoms. It will not release harmful UV rays too during use so in actuality, your entire body is protected, not only your eyes.


Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp

  • Provides 10,000 lux intensity
  • Won’t release UV lights
  • Comes with rotating light panel
  • Has sturdy LED lights

The Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp has been given plenty of raves from publications and consumers alike, thanks to its effective features. The lamp churns out 10000 lux intense light for the best treatment of SAD and depression symptoms. It also comes with a rotating panel—the movement allows a more efficient and thorough means to provide your body with benefits similar to that of natural sunlight. It also comes with strong, durable LED lights—the LEDs can provide up to 50,000 hours of use.


Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp

  • Provides 10,000 lux intensity
  • Can block 99.3% UV light
  • With glare-free screen
  • Has flexible angle stand

The Carex Day-Light Classic Plus Bright Light Therapy Lamp is another good pick since it presents a lux intensity of 10000 at a 12-inch distance. It makes use of the brand’s exclusive LED Brightzone technology—the technology guarantees adequate doses of bright light that heals without the harm of UV rays/lights and a cumbersome glare. You also get to choose the best angle for your treatment since it comes with a flexible stand. The model has been given lots of positive ratings too from various publications and patrons.


VIPEX Rechargeable Light Therapy Lamp

  • Provides 10,000 lux intensity
  • Rechargeable lamp
  • Offers customizable brightness
  • Has Smart Timer display

If you are after a light therapy lamp that you can bring with you anywhere, something that’s rechargeable, you will appreciate this model from VIPEX. The VIPEX Rechargeable Light Therapy Lamp presents a nice 10000 lux intensity powered by a built-in rechargeable battery. You can recharge the device by means of a USB-C port. It gives up to 3 hours of continuous use at full charge while using maximum brightness. Brightness levels can be adjusted to fit needs while the 90-degree adjustable stand allows for the best angle of light. Also comes with anti-slip pads so it will not slip during use.

In case you get the winter blahs, a light therapy lamp might provide a healing ray of light for you. It has been proven effective in treating symptoms for SAD and depression. Lots of models are also equipped with anti-UV features so the light will not release harmful UV rays during use. It is safe, efficient, easy to use and has a good success rate.