Head Off to Dreamland with These Top Sleep Balms and Creams

We cannot stress enough how crucial sleep is in our daily lives. Adults at least require 7 to 9 hours of sleep so we can deal with everyday tasks at our best levels. There are relievers though which can induce sleep, relievers that are quite affordable and will not require prescription medicines. There are sleep mists, balms and creams that you can try to get enough rest at night. For recommendations on working sleep balms and creams, read through this helpful guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are sleep balms and creams exactly?

    Answer: Sleep balms and creams are over-the-counter sleeping aids which help facilitate sleep by providing a sense of calm, relaxation and ease. The formulas for these products contain natural essential oils that are often used to minimize stress and anxiety and encourage sleep. Natural essential oils often used in sleep balms and creams include lavender, bergamot, sandalwood and rose.

  2. How are these sleep balms and creams applied?

    Answer: Sleep balms and creams are applied like you would regular creams, balms and lotions. You can slather the cream on your arms, neck, chest, legs or anywhere you wish as long as you get a whiff of its relaxing scent. Balms are best applied on pulse points like the wrists, temples, neck and the abdomen before going to bed. There are also sleep balms which can be safely applied on the lips and under the nose.

  3. What are other methods to improve your sleeping habits?

    Answer: Firstly, you need to steer clear of any beverage or food containing caffeine—this means coffee, sodas and chocolates. As much as you can, dine earlier at night specifically if you have medical conditions like acid reflux, which can disturb normal sleeping habits. You must also create a bedtime ritual to alert your body that it is ready to rest—you can drink a glass of warm milk, take a bath or get into your sleep clothes. Furthermore, it is best that you stop using your phone an hour before you snooze. Blue lights coming from the phone or tablet inhibit the body’s melatonin production, a chemical which is responsible for regulating sleep. Make sure that the room is sufficiently dark in order to allow the body to generate melatonin.

Our Top Picks


Badger Sleep Balm

  • Relaxing aromatic scent
  • Has lavender and bergamot oils
  • Contains Balsam fir
  • Paraben/GMO/artificial ingredients-free

The Badger Sleep Balm is the best-selling night balm today due to its effective mix of relaxing natural essential oils—it has lavender to soothe and relax, bergamot to uplift the spirit, rosemary to encourage clear thinking and Balsam fir to refresh. The balm comes in a neat, portable pot too so you can take it anywhere with you in case you want to unwind. It is free from artificial scents, colorants, harsh chemicals, parabens, GMOs and petrolatum. The product is also USDA-certified organic so what you get is indeed something pure and natural.


Wild Thera Sleep Aid and Stress Relief

  • Non-GMO herbal balm
  • Concentrated formula
  • Contains organic ingredients
  • Sooths and cools

The Wild Thera Sleep Aid and Stress Relief balm is a concentrated organic balm meant to ease tension and help you unwind for a better sleep. The formula is free from parabens, sulfates, PCBs, GMOs, petroleum, artificial fragrances and dyes. It does not have any side effects either—you can use it anytime you wish and you will not get dependent on it. The formula comes with an effective mix of natural ingredients from organic chamomile, organic clary sage, organic lemon balm, organic lavender, valerian, clary sage an extra virgin olive oil.


Wise Men Calm Balm

  • Ancient Egyptian and Ethiopian formula
  • Has fresh, relaxing scent
  • Eases stress
  • Has 100% pure essential oils

The Wise Men Calm Balm will rid your thoughts of unwanted things and help you gain a clearer mind, ready to unwind and get some snooze. Apply it on your pulse points, your shoulders and your chest for a whiff of its relaxing, comforting scent. The formula is composed of 100 percent natural oils from plants with well-known soothing powers like lavender and chamomile plus it also includes frankincense, all brought together by its coconut carrier oil. It’s a great stress reliever so you can take this one at work or school too.


Melatonin Sleep Night Cream With Lavender & Chamomile

  • Natural sleep aid
  • Safer than sleeping pills
  • Comes in big 4oz bottle
  • Made in the U.S.A

The Melatonin Sleep Night Cream With Lavender & Chamomile is a cruelty free formula which helps you calm down and unwind, a nice prelude to restful sleep. All that tossing and turning will get you nowhere so why not slather this one on your arms, shoulders, your neck and your chest? This one is great to use on restless, cramped or tired legs. The cream also helps in relieving jet lag—the 4oz bottle is a worthy addition to your travel essentials just so you can get enough sleep after those bumpy plane rides and new time zones.


Teliaoils Sleep Balm Against Poor Sleep

  • Natural herbal sleep aid
  • Free from preservatives and artificial ingredients
  • Eases stress and anxiety
  • Helps soothe the senses

The Teliaoils Sleep Balm Against Poor Sleep is not a treatment for sleeplessness—rather, this balm is meant to comfort and soothe to induce a feeling of relaxation and finally, better sleep. The balm has a natural herbal formula which lacks nasties like artificial fragrances and dyes and preservatives. The balm helps in easing tension and promotes relaxation to promote sleep restoration thanks to its potent combo of ingredients like lavender, mandarin and rosemary. It does not have any side effects and comes in a portable tin so you can always reach for it on your nightstand or bag.


Diva Stuff Dream Whip Magnesium and Hemp Enhanced Night Body Cream

  • Natural, safe formula
  • Has lavender and chamomile
  • Contains magnesium and hemp seed oil
  • Free from chemicals, toxins and preservatives

The Diva Stuff Dream Whip is another excellent night cream meant to improve your sleeping habits. Completely free from toxins, chemicals and preservatives but filled with natural ingredients which promote calm and relaxation from lavender and chamomile. It is also packed with hemp seed oil and magnesium—the magnesium is to ease restless, cramped legs while the hemp seed oil functions to further improve the performance of the other ingredients. Slather it on your body for a whiff of this relaxing cream while at the same time, hydrate it with some help from vitamin E, cocoa butter, aloe and shea oils.

Get rid of all that tossing and turning by treating yourself with these potent sleep balms and creams. Ease your mind of worries and excess thoughts—dab or smear these products for extra comfort, unwind and just allow its wondrous ingredients to carry you off to slumberland.