Garlic and rosemary oil.

Recipe Garlic Rosemary Oil.

Previously, on the Griboedov Canal, opposite FinEka, there was a cafe with Italian cuisine, and sometimes we went there for pizza. I must say that the pizza was tasty, but not outstanding. But a bottle of garlic butter was served to her, and it was so great that we only served pizza with him. Of course, I always wanted to make such butter at home, and finally I fulfilled my little culinary desire. I added rosemary to the garlic, and it seems to me that the oil from this has only become more aromatic and rich. Try it with pizza, focaccia tortillas or just vegetable salads. It’s worth it!

Recipe Garlic Rosemary Oil


You will need:

330 ml of olive oil (it is not necessary to buy extra virgin oil, since in the future the oil will be heat-treated and there will be less useful substances in the oil),
3 heads of garlic,
3-4 sprigs of rosemary,
10 gr. mixtures of peas peas.

For storage: a 350 ml bottle with a tight cap or stopper.
For decoration: 5-6 peeled cloves of garlic, 2 small sprigs of rosemary.

How to cook:

1. Peel the garlic from the upper light husk. Cut each head in half (the cut should be made across so that all the cloves are cut, and the garlic transfers its aroma and taste to the oil)

2. Pour oil into a glass or ceramic dish, carefully place the garlic with the slices down, sprigs of rosemary and pepper.

3. Place the mold in the oven preheated to 150 degrees for 1 hour. After allowing to cool slightly.

4. Strain the oil in a bottle, dip the rosemary sprigs into it for decoration and a clove of garlic. Close the lid or cork tightly.

UPD: The oil is stored in the refrigerator in a closed form for about 1 month. Before use, it is better to pull out the bottle in advance so that the oil becomes transparent again.

Enjoy your meal!
Cook with love! Live delicious!