Decorative plate “Dream”

Decorative plate “Dream”

Perhaps you have already learned by heart your favorite workshops, revised gigabytes of video tutorials about this fascinating art form and certainly obsessions do not leave you alone. Like a decoupage technique to start for beginners? And do you know what are the main types of decoupage there? Their whole five: forward, backward, volume, artistic and dekopatch. Which one to choose for your creativity, it depends on the nature of the surface to be decorated, and the desired effect.

Let us consider each of them.

Direct decoupage

Classic or different straight – this is probably the most common form of decoupage, the image is pasted on the outer surface of the object and then decorated as desired krakelyurnym two-component varnish.

This framework should be pre-primed and, depending on the ideas painted or coated with one component krakelyurnym varnish.


Materials and tools:

plate (clear glass);
decoupage glue;
Acrylic paint art;
brush, sponge parallonovaya;
craquelure one component;
lacquer finish.

Decorative plate "Dream"













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