Christmas makeup ideas

22 Christmas makeup ideas

Preparing for the Christmas holidays takes a lot of time and begins long before the main event of the year.
You need to have time to decorate the house for Christmas, choose gifts, decide on the location of the Christmas night and, of course, think out a spectacular New Year look, the main touch of which will be not only a hairstyle and New Year’s manicure, but also a chic evening make-up for Christmas.
If you want to look irresistible, then you cannot do without Christmas make-up that is brilliant in every sense of the word.

22 Christmas makeup









With what makeup you can emphasize the image, express individuality and become the queen of the holiday we will show in today’s photo review.
Since the main trends of this season’s make-up have become bold and extravagant images, in New Year’s makeup you are not limited by imagination and innovative solutions.
Stylists and makeup artists urge to be unique and creative in Christmas makeup. And where, if not in evening makeup, you can safely experiment on the image.












Trendy smokeys, all kinds of arrows, glitter, eyeliner, bright lipstick and unusual body art on the face – all this can be used in Christmas makeup.
Dazzling Christmas makeup with rhinestones and glitter.

The use of shimmering shadows and eyeliner in the evening make-up remains one of the main trends of the season. Therefore, a fashionable Christmas make-up can do its best to use glitter and glitter to reflect the most chic evening looks.

A shiny arrow or shimmering shadows are not necessarily bronze and golden hues. The dark blue shiny arrows look very cool in makeup. New Year’s evening make-up with brilliant shades of burgundy and violet shades will also become fashionable.
Missing outrageous makeup can be achieved with rhinestones. In everyday make-up, we are unlikely to be able to afford to put several sparkling pebbles on our faces. It is New Year’s make-up, which allows emphasizing the beauty of the eyes with a rhinestone pattern.






















Rhinestones and sparkles can be applied in the form of arrows or to decorate part of the upper eyelid. With Christmas makeup like this, you will surely be dazzling and charming.
Among the interesting options for a spectacular New Year’s evening make-up make-up masters distinguish the most mysterious and unsurpassed New Year’s aqua makeup or body art. For a New Year’s masquerade, such a make-up would be the perfect solution.