Catch Up on Sleep with the Best Melatonin Gummies

The human body contains endocrine glands which discharge hormones straight in the bloodstream. These hormones have their functions—they are chemical substances made to manage and bring together processes and activities all over the body. One of those hormones is melatonin—melatonin is a naturally-produced hormone that helps facilitate organic sleep cycles. It is also used as a safe active ingredient in sleep aids or supplements. If you have trouble sleeping, you may benefit from the functions of this hormone. Get to know melatonin more thru our handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. Why is melatonin needed by the body?

    Answer: Melatonin has a crucial role in managing the human body’s circadian rhythm or body clock. The hormone is customarily generated in the pineal gland and discharged over the course of darkness from the time the sun sets till it rises. If taken as a supplement, it attains a significant concentration in the blood after half an hour. Certain factors though can make melatonin production scarce—age, artificial light usage and changes in sleeping schedules at night can cloud the internal clock of the body and influence melatonin generation. Thus, to retain a proper level of the hormone, melatonin supplements are often used.

  2. Are melatonin supplements habit forming?

    Answer: Sleep aids or supplements containing melatonin are not addictive or habit forming. It can be taken every night without concerns of side effects.

  3. What medications can possibly interact with melatonin?

    Answer: If you want to take melatonin supplements or sleep aids, you have to ask advice from your healthcare provider first since the hormone might slow down the processing of specific medications by means of the liver. Medications that may interact with melatonin include anticonvulsants, blood thinners, blood pressure medications, depressants for the central nervous system, immune-suppressants, Luvox (a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI), diabetes medications and contraceptives.

Our Top Picks


Olly Extra Strength Sleep Melatonin Gummy

  • With 5mg melatonin
  • Has L-theanine
  • Safe and non-habit forming
  • Includes botanical ingredients

The Olly Extra Strength Sleep Melatonin Gummy features a formulation that contains 5mg of melatonin to kick-start a healthier sleep cycle. The melatonin is also supplemented by L-theanine, an amino acid which helps soothe the mind plus well-known calming botanicals like chamomile, lemon balm and passionflower. The sleep aid gummies are also contained in eco-friendly packaging so there’s less plastic waste to deal with. You only need to take 2 gummies a half hour before sleeping every night to take advantage of its benefits.


Wellvites Sleep Well Sugar Free Melatonin for Adults

  • No Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners & Vegan
  • Delicious Mixed Berry Flavor
  • Contains 2 grams of fiber per gummy
  • Allergen Free

WellVites SleepWell is a one of a kind Sugar Free Melatonin gummies that helps you sleep better. A formulation that includes 2.5 mg melatonin, vitamin B6 and 2 grams of dietary fiber per gummy. The uniqueness of WellVites Sleep Well is that it doesn’t contain any sugar, neither does it contain any artificial sweeteners and are suitable for vegans. WellVites Sleep is a great solution for those who love gummies but would like to avoid the sugar before bedtime. Adults are advised to take 1-2 gummies half an hour before sleeping in order to enjoy the full benefits of these unique gummies.


Pink Stork Melatonin Gummies

  • Formulated with Vitamin B6, passion flower, melatonin, and natural fruit juices
  • Supports restful sleep by helping manage hormones related to stress and restlessness to support calmness and relaxation in the body
  • Made without gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, and GMOs

Melatonin gummies help support your ability to relax, fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up rejuvenated. The Pink Stork Melatonin Gummies were crafted to attend to the needs of women who have trouble sleeping, powered by a formulation that helps ease stress by dealing with related hormones that play crucial roles in balanced and healthy sleeping habits; it contains essential rest-inducing ingredients like vitamin B6, passion flower, melatonin and more. The gummies are vegetarian-friendly as well, does not contain allergens from gluten, GMOs and soy plus it’s third party-tested for potency, quality and safety.


ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs Melatonin Sleep Aid Gummies

  • Provides good levels of melatonin
  • With botanical essential oils
  • Has natural wildberry vanilla flavor
  • Non-habit forming formulation

The ZzzQuil Pure Zzzs Melatonin Sleep Aid Gummies guarantees you will get sufficient hours of sleep by means of its effective combination of melatonin and botanical ingredients. The formulation for these gummies includes essential oils of botanicals like lemon balm, chamomile and valerian root—these are plants that have been used for centuries to ease the mind and facilitate sleep. The formula also comes with an optimal rate of the hormone so you will wake up well-rested, not groggy. It’s drug-free and non-addictive too.


Nature Made Melatonin Gummies

  • With 10mg melatonin
  • 100% drug-free sleep aid
  • Has delicious strawberry flavor
  • Quality-tested in the U.S.A

The Nature Made Melatonin Gummies contains 10mg of melatonin to help facilitate better sleeping habits. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating sleeping and waking cycles and optimal levels of it retains that excellent balance needed for a restful sleep. The formulation does not contain any excesses as well from artificial sweeteners and flavorings, synthetic dyes, gluten and high-fructose corn syrup. Its quality is tested in the U.S.A too. Know its efficacy by taking 2 gummies an hour before tucking in for the night.


Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Gorgeous Sleep Gummies

  • With 5mg melatonin
  • Contains 100mg collagen
  • Has pleasant berry flavor
  • Gluten, soy, lactose and preservative-free

If you want something that will make sleep and your skin healthier, better consider the advantages of Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Gorgeous Sleep Gummies. Apart from its 5mg of melatonin, these sleep aid gummies also contain a hundred grams of collagen. What better way to replenish your body’s collagen reserves than to take a collagen-powered supplement before sleeping? The collagen production will be more efficient since the process will be accomplished while you sleep. Features a delicious berry flavor which makes it especially nice to chew with.


Stressballs De-Stress + Snooze Gummies

  • Contains melatonin
  • Has ashwagandha
  • For stress relief
  • Promotes better sleep

The Stressballs De-Stress + Snooze Gummies features an effective combo of melatonin and 3 concentrated ashwagandha bioactives to revive healthier sleep and wake cycles. The formulation is packed with the power of ashwagandha to ease the mind and manage stress for better sleep. If you have the power to calm down and turn your mind off, better sleep will be in your hands—that is the beneficial function of ashwagandha, an adaptogenic plant that is used for centuries to promote wellness of the mind. The formulation is also kept free from excesses like gelatin, lactose and gluten.


SugarBear Sleep Vitamins

  • Melatonin with botanicals
  • Contains 5-HTP
  • Has magnesium
  • Vegetarian and vegan-friendly

SugarBear is known for their hair-growing and thickening supplements but the brand has also branched out into sleep aids with great results. The vitamins do not only contain melatonin but other ingredients that also promote sleep from botanicals like valerian root, lemon balm leaf and passionflower to 5-HTP and magnesium. The formulation is completely free from allergens like soy and gluten too. It has a delicious and sweet berry flavor free from artificial flavorings and sweeteners. Product is made in the U.S.A.

You do not have to suffer from lack of sleep. Tame the body by providing it with a good level of melatonin. Melatonin supplements are safe to use—an optimal level of the hormone prevents grogginess as well. You can get your circadian rhythm back on track by using the right melatonin sleep aids or supplements—our list has some of the best products in the business. Do not overlook the importance of getting enough sleep every night—the body replenishes its strength and energy when it’s at rest so you can deal with your work and school days with ease.