Breast reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)/

How It Works: Breast Reduction

Beautiful elastic breasts are the cherished dream of many women, and its inadequate size often becomes a reason for discontent. However, the representatives of the weaker sex, from birth or for other reasons awarded with an impressive bust, are not always happy with their “wealth”. In some cases, it only brings inconvenience.

How It Works: Breast Reduction

Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is a plastic surgery that can remove one or more bust sizes by removing part of the mammary glands and adipose tissue. In most cases, it is carried out for medical reasons, when too bulky and heavy breasts cause health problems.

In what cases should I contact the surgeon, what exactly can he do and how much will it cost? How does rehabilitation work, what complications and side effects can there be? Are there non-operational alternatives?

Indication: when to think about reducing breast?

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction helps to get rid of a very common female problem – hypertrophy of the mammary glands. Too bulky and heavy bust creates a load on the spine, which leads to daily painful sensations (usually in the thoracic and cervical parts), violation of posture and development of osteochondrosis. Hypertrophy can appear both in young and in more mature age. Its main reasons are:

genetic predisposition;

changes in body parameters during pregnancy, after childbirth and breastfeeding;

changes in the hormonal background during puberty, menopause, as a result of violations in the work of endocrine glands;


Aesthetic indications for breast reduction are also quite obvious – too large mammary glands not only do not fit into the generally accepted standards of beauty, but also create a lot of additional inconveniences:

they are characterized by rapid sagging under their own weight and pronounced ptosis, in addition to which appear on the skin numerous stretch marks;

regular ban in the breast folds (maceration), which often leads to dermatological diseases;

excessive increase of areola around the nipples;

rubbing the skin on the shoulders of the shoulder straps of the bodice;

impossibility to sleep on the abdomen;

inability to exercise properly;

difficulty breathing due to pressure on the diaphragm and chest, etc.

 Breast Reduction

Another direct indication for breast reduction is the asymmetric increase in one breast as compared to the other. A similar defect can arise due to specific types of stress, prolonged feeding of the baby with only one breast or hormonal factors.

Breast reduction is considered to be predominantly a female direction of aesthetic surgery, but this service may be required for a man – to eliminate pronounced gynecomastia.