15+ best Provence kitchen ideas.

Best Provence kitchen ideas.

European styles in interior design are becoming increasingly popular among our compatriots. A special place in this line of stylistic trends is occupied by a warm, cozy and rustic home interior style – Provence. It is often called French country music. And there is no mistake in this. Originating in the southeast of France, among the coastal towns of the Côte d’Azur, this style has become almost the hallmark of French design.

15+ best Provence kitchen ideas6


 best Provence kitchen ideas

All who would like to decorate their kitchen space not only with high functionality, but also the warmth of the southern French latitudes, with a special color and coziness, must learn about the peculiarities of the manifestation of the Provence style in the interior.


 Provence kitchen ideas


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Provence kitchen


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The main features of the Provence style
The style of Provence is simplicity and comfort, it’s natural materials and interior items made by yourself, it’s the desire to create a comfortable environment, which is convenient for everyone. Having absorbed the traditions of good taste of the coastal townships of the south of France, the Provence style became a symbol of warmth and comfort for designers and their customers in all corners of the world. It is considered that this style is ideal for a kitchen located in a country house, spacious and bright, cozy and so “home”. But even within the framework of a city apartment (even modest sizes), one can use the basic motifs of the Provence style, interlacing them with design techniques to visually increase space. Let us note in detail the main features of the style of housing in the southern part of France:

An abundance of light, which is achieved due to the spaciousness of rooms with large windows or skillfully placed local sources of artificial light;
A bright color palette for decoration and furnishing, the use of pastel tints that burned in the sun;
Welcome the use of antique furniture or new models with specially aged surfaces, patina, scuffs;
Actively used elements of manual work – woodcarving, hand-painted dishes, lacy napkins and tablecloths, wicker baskets;
An abundance of fresh flowers – garden plants in vases, room on windowsills and other surfaces;
Open shelves with your favorite items of kitchen utensils on display – beautiful dishes, handicrafts, collectibles;
The interior in the style of Provence is always a little archaic – there are no clear rules in the arrangement of furniture, household appliances, decor (which is why many housewives who love to cook and collect the whole family at a well-decorated table prefer to decorate the kitchen based on French country).


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