Best Bedroom Color Schemes

Bedroom Color schemes In this material you will find the most standard, unexpected, bold, rich, fashionable, unusually combinable and almost impossible color schemes for bedrooms. And we are sure that one of them will fit perfectly into your interior
The bedroom is needed in order to sleep. No matter how it is! Here begins and ends our day, here we dream and make plans, here we try to cope with stress and every morning we start life anew. So why are we so careless about the color design of the bedroom? 50 shades of beige – this is all that comes to mind at the thought of the most sacred space in the house.
Let’s break stereotypes and think outside the box! Today we offer 13 color schemes for the decoration of bedrooms, which will surely spodvignut you to change. Go?
1. Chocolate, gray, turquoise
Dark colors do not necessarily make your room visually less. This rich color scheme creates a sensual, airy space.

Bedroom Color Schemes Chocolate

Bedroom Color Schemes gray


Bedroom Color Schemes Chocolate1


Bedroom Color Schemes turquoise
2. Gray, brown
Deep, rich palette is almost a classic option, however, adding one more bright shade is quite applicable to the modern interior.

Bedroom Color Schemes gray2

3. Asphalt, coral

These two shades balance each other and together create a feeling of romantic eclecticism.

Bedroom Color Schemes coral


Bedroom Color Schemes Asphalt
4. Gray, white
This is not a lack of imagination – it’s the style of a tired urbanist, to whom even the clouds seem gray-white. And it’s okay, it’s still beautiful

Bedroom Color Schemes Gray white

Bedroom Gray white1
5. Gray, cream, lilac
A diluted, slightly muffled color duet is unlikely to please a strong half of the family, but for a young girl – just right.

Bedroom Color Schemes Gray, cream, lilac

classic-bedroom cream
6. Gray, white, milky
Simple, clear and easy to implement color scheme is particularly appropriate to look in the interior of the villa. Take a closer look.

Bedroom Color Schemes Gray, white, milky1

Bedroom Gray, white, milky


7. Emerald and lilac
Do not overdo it with the background. Such a powerful duo works best with textiles, but it is better to make walls neutral.

Bedroom Color88


Bedroom 99

8. Gray, black, white and yellow

Yellow walls in the bedroom – an option for daredevils, but vivid accents in the form of pillows or prints on the ceiling lights fit anyone.

bedroom 3

home Bedroom
9. Tiffany, blue, black and white
This style is perfect for interiors with classic elements. Firstly, the classic and fashionable color combinations are spectacular and unusual, and secondly, for the classics bedroom is almost an ideal choice.

Bedroom black


blue bedroom-design
10. White, gold and beige
Love the classics, but want to get its light version? Use this scheme and create a warm, enveloping space with a classic base.

Bedroom gold

Bedroom Color gold
11. Black, white, brown and green
A dark tree, light pastel clothes – boring. Add the green one. It will not become cheerful, but here the sensation of freshness will increase a hundredfold.



12. Blue, green and light green in light walls
It can be an explosion of color, and just a few accents – it all depends on your goals and opportunities. Painting the walls is still more difficult than buying new curtains.

Bedroom Color Schemes green

Bedroom Color Schemes Blue



13. Yellow and orange
Slightly unusual option for the bedroom, but if the room is not facing the sunny side of the window, and you are ready for a radical change in life, then why not?



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