Atavi – bookmark manager.

Atavi. com – bookmark manager – Bookmark Manager – handy free bookmark storage service that allows you to work with the user’s bookmarks on any device and any browser. Service perfect replacement and alternative to the start page of any user.

The essence of the service allows for integration with any project in the form of “Bookmark” button, “read later”, “Save to Favorites” as an additional tool to work with the project audience.
The service provides the ability to import bookmarks; Creating a collection; Sharing bookmarks; Working with all browsers and devices; Mobile version; Extensions and Applications for work with bookmarks; Customization service as the start page.

Benefits for Members:

the ability to group and sort bookmarks;
setting bookmarks display;
large variety of themes of service, including setting your own theme;
Tools for Export / Import bookmarks;
selection of a familiar user search engine;
tools for card sharing bookmarks and create your own collections;
the possibility of additional protection bookmarking groups;
a handy mobile version of the service;
Functional extensions for browsers;
Android and iOS mobile service applications;