40 Gorgeous Burgundy Nail Color With Designs

40 Gorgeous Burgundy Nail Color With Designs
Burgundy is a trendy fall color, especially when combined with gold. Burgundy manicure, like red, can be attributed to the classic shades in the design of nails, which are suitable not only for a burgundy dress, but also for sets of clothes of almost any color.
It is of course a monophonic coating. If you want to make a two or three-color design with burgundy gel polish, then this version of the manicure will no longer be universal, but rather suitable for special occasions.
In the article you will find nail art trends applicable to burgundy color manicure, as well as a fresh collection of photos with nail design ideas.
Burgundy nails are now usually decorated not only with gold, but also with silver. To do this, you can use sparkles, metal pigments, kamifubuki, rhombuses and stickers.
Many interesting shades of burgundy have appeared in the collections of popular manufacturers of gel polishes: from light to ultra-dark.
In autumn and winter, cat-eye effect coatings are especially popular, which can be covered with stained varnish for even greater expressiveness. Almost all red shades look spectacular in a matte version. Therefore, in the creation of manicure in burgundy colors, a top with a matting effect is often used.
The latest trend of this year is the decor with rhinestones and beads in the form of jewelry. Trendy geometric design with a decorated vertical strip and negative space also looks chic.
The most winning color scheme for this design is considered to be burgundy. The photo shows all the latest nail designs in burgundy.