30 Unique and Elegant Door Decoration Ideas

Unique and Elegant Door Decoration Ideas

What requirements do we put forward for the front door? First of all, it is durability, reliability, the ability to provide proper protection against intruders and external noise. Everything is logical, but the appearance of the door cannot be written off.

After all, the first thing your guests see is the door. Fortunately, there are a great many materials and finishing methods today. You can easily design the door leaf in a classic or modern style, the shade and decor can be anything.

Elegant Door Decoration Ideas

Moreover, the outer and inner sides of the canvas can be completely different. Going for such an important purchase is better prepared, so first you need to understand the design of the front door and decide which option will be most preferable in your case.







Each of us will easily name what key characteristics an entrance door should have. Most likely, the following qualities will be in this list:

security. The front door is the boundary between home space and the outside world, and the latter, alas, can be very dangerous. Every day in newspapers and on television they talk about robberies, and if you do not want to become another victim, it is better to fork out and take a reliable door with a good lock;

heat and sound insulation. Regardless of whether the door goes out to the entrance or to the street, the canvas should be well protected from external noise. True, when it comes to the entrance doors to a private house, they should be an even more serious barrier to noise and cold;

















resistance to external negative factors. If the door goes outside, then it must withstand frequent changes in temperature, high humidity, frost, icing and direct sunlight. There are much fewer requirements for doors leading to the entrance. The main thing is that it is difficult to scratch and damage them, otherwise even the dog that you lead from a walk will be able to scratch the canvas;
nice appearance. The door does not have to be a work of art, although there are such products. The main thing is that the canvas is neat – the rest depends on the preferences of the owner, but you should correlate your desires for the color and style of the door with the space surrounding it. The inner part of the door should fit into the interior of the hallway, and the outer one should be combined with the facade of the house or the walls of the entrance.
At the moment, we are interested in the purely aesthetic side of the issue. The appearance of the door will depend on what material it is made of, what it is lined with, what color of decoration is chosen, whether any additional decor elements were used, so about everything in order.































Well, if you live in a private house, and the style of the facade and interior match, then the canvas can be made the same on both sides. More often, you have to choose different versions for the external and internal sides, while the finishing material may be the same or different.
They try to coordinate the color of the canvas with the walls in the hallway or with a large piece of furniture. In extreme cases, you can link the color of the canvas with the interior thanks to the baseboard in tone with the door. This is in case if for some reason a door is selected whose shade does not match any object in the hallway. Fans of everything extravagant can choose a door in a bright shade, for example, blue, red or orange. Such a bold decision must be carefully considered, and even better, a design project should be prepared in advance.

In principle, all the same rules are typical for the selection of the front door to the architectural style of the house. The outer side of the canvas should be in harmony with the walls of the house in style and color. So, if the house is sheathed with light lining, then it is better to choose light doors, and a white canvas is generally considered a win-win option. If the house is faced with terracotta brick, the doors can be taken in brown.