30+ Stunning Flower Nail Art Designs

30+ Stunning Flower Nail Art Designs That are Insanely Beautiful

Undoubtedly, the decor with flowers is the most beloved, recognized and popular trend of nail design 2019. According to the impressive results already achieved and the triumph, a huge variety of fashionable design solutions, the flowers on the nails have no equal. The success of women of any age has been won for a long time and is firmly preserved due to femininity, aesthetics, versatility and the most valuable property – not to repeat and to easily find unique features in each version.
Every year, the flower nail design pleases with novelties and expands the circle of fashionistas, who have chosen flowers as the main element of the nail decor. 2019 is no exception. The huge and diverse world of flowers gives new ideas for manicure. About innovations of elegant design for short nails and large-scale artistic solutions on long nails will be discussed in this article.
The craftsmanship and design of artists-designers embody the gorgeous flowers on the nails in a variety of creative manners. The schematism of several strokes in which flowers are guessed, or realistic, detailed picture plots are equally relevant in fashionable nail art 2019. Images can focus on the single flower in the decor or collected in bouquets, in the composition of still lifes.
With a wide range of colors, as well as excellent quality, gel varnish and shellac are ideal for the implementation of the most amazing options. For the aesthetics of women’s hands, a manicure with flowers is absolutely natural and harmonious.
It is generally accepted that the design of nails with roses is the most sought-after offer of salons. However, the fact that this particular flower is most often chosen does not repel fashionistas, because the chance that your drawing of a rose on the nails can be exactly repeated and will meet on someone’s hands is almost zero. The shape of the nails, their length, color preferences, numerous types and techniques, a variety of decor tools make each manicure with roses individual and unique. Several creative ideas of 2019, which give an idea of the main fashion trends (see photo):