30+ Mirror and Chrome Nail Design Ideas

Mirror and Chrome  Nail Design Ideas

Mirror and chrome nails creates an original effect of metallic shine on the nails, perfect for any event and event, in perfect harmony with evening dresses.
Beautiful mirror and chrome nails look incredibly stylish and fashionable this season, perfectly complementing your best look.

Mirror and Chrome Nail Design Ideas1

We offer you bold and original ideas of mirror manicure, this year’s manicure, photo of which can be viewed further …





















Chrome nails can be easily created at home using special foil, varnish, stickers or rubbing to obtain a mirror effect.
The most popular shades for mirror manicure are silver (chrome), gold, pink, black and other beautiful and unusual shades of mirror manicure.

In this review, we have selected the most fashionable ideas for mirror nails, a photo of which can be viewed in this article.
How to make mirror nails at home: for this, it is best to use a varnish with a mirror effect. Thus, the easiest way to achieve the effect of metallic shine on your nails.








































Use special pigment powders, the so-called rubs, which create an unusual effect on the nails and beautiful overflows.

Stylish mirror nails can be created on all fingers in a certain color, harmoniously combined with your outfit. For example, fashion chrome, gold, black or pink mirror manicure.

It is important to remember that when choosing a varnish of a certain shade and applying the rubbing method to create a mirror effect, you will end up with a mirror manicure of that particular shade as your chosen varnish.