30 Ideas For Hair White Silver Platinum Blonde Haircuts

Platinum blonde hair is super sexy and so refreshing! If you want to attract the attention of your man, do not be afraid of the blond! Blond hair will never go out of style.

That is why it is quite natural that many women want to wear only this hair color and are ready for it. But our main task is to warn you that there are risks, and before you completely decide to choose this color, you should know about them.

That’s why today we’ll talk about all the most fashionable shades for blondes, how to achieve them and what you should pay attention to first of all.


Ideas For Hair White Silver Platinum Blonde Haircuts




















Many ladies want to wear blonde hair, but when they actually decide on it, the result is poor. That’s why we suggest you study these key points before lightening your hair.

Not all women look amazing with blond hair. Try on a blonde wig to see if you are one of them. This is painless and absolutely reliable, because when you see yourself in the blonde, you will understand whether it is worth taking this path or not.

Think about your skin tone. The fact is that ladies with cool skin tones always look better with platinum strands, and blond is contraindicated in warm skin tones.
What about tanning? Do you sunbathe easily? The fact is that dark tanned skin does not look very good with icy platinum strands.
Owners of dark hair who want to turn into blondes should know how much care for blond hair is required. Your roots will constantly grow, there is no doubt about it – so think twice if you are ready for such hard and regular work.
Last but not least, you should consider the condition of your hair. If your hair is thin and brittle, it will not be able to withstand all the chemical processes of bleaching, so you better strengthen your hair before trying to switch to platinum.





























Ice blonde hair is definitely a bold choice, but it can only look great on women with a pale or light-medium complexion. This trend, also known as the color of platinum ice, also attracts the attention of the general public. Stylists are getting more and more customers, especially women with long straight hair who want to do this kind of dyeing.

Before you start dyeing your hair in a platinum blonde, weigh the pros and cons, make sure that the selected shade matches your color type. Caring for your hair with a platinum blond is not an easy task, but if you strictly follow the recommendations from our article, your hair will always look irresistible and luxurious.