20+ cute jackets to wear with dresses

Jackets to wear with dresses.

Thanks to modern fashion trends, girls have the opportunity to create stylish ensembles from everyday looks. The jacket goes well with trousers, leather leggings and shorts. But the most feminine and stylish set can be called a dress with a jacket.

World image makers are advised to show their imagination and create very original combinations in various styles. It is important that the finished image is individual and emphasizes the advantages of your figure ..

 jackets to wear with dresses

You can put on a sundress with a jacket in spring and autumn, when it gets cool. You can choose different ensembles to your taste, add a ton of stylish accessories like scarves, earrings, bracelets, hairpins ..

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 jackets to wear with dresses

A long dress and jacket look feminine. Warm chocolate shade evokes a sense of harmony and tranquility. It is perfect for brunettes and brown-haired women. It is best to wear an emerald, beige, pink, white, golden dress with such a jacket. The dress on the floor is ideal for girls who want to hide some of the flaws of the figure, in particular full hips ..

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A fresh idea would be a combination of a black jacket and a juicy flying dress. This option perfectly emphasizes the ponytail on the head. For owners of long hair – this is exactly what you need !

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 jackets to wear with dresses



 jackets to wear with dresses



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A combination of a jacket and a light feminine dress can be called a win-win option. You can give preference to a polka-dot dress. The option with a horizontal or diagonal strip looks stylish, as well as a dress with a delicate flower.

The combination of a jacket with an animal print looks passionate and temperamental. This is a trendy and convenient option. If you buy a dress with frills and ruffles, you will look in such a set effectively and originally ..





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The business office style is easy to embody with a black jacket, bag, tights and ankle boots of the same color and a gray dress. You can dilute the basic shades with a gold necklace or bracelet. Black leather jacket is the most versatile. She looks beautiful with emerald, red, raspberry, pink, white, gray dress. Playfulness and femininity in the image will add a sundress with polka dots or stripes ..

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 jackets to wear with dresses



Interesting style: yellow puffy dress, jacket, black shoes, blue clutch and blue earrings. This is both a business and a romantic look! You can also combine a cult biker jacket with a tight-fitting dress, adding a large necklace or a necklace with stones to such a bow. Trendy option for the most stylish ladies !.

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 jackets to wear with dresses

When creating sets of outerwear and dresses, be sure to consider the invoice of materials so that everything looks harmonious.

Wool and knitwear give a special softness and lightness to the skin, with them this aggression becomes more comfortable, even if it is decorated with additional accessories: spikes, zippers, rhinestones ..

A light summer dress with a jacket looks amazing: chiffon, knitwear, silk are ideally combined, creating unforgettable sexy and airy images. No worse is the skin combined with warm wool and cashmere, giving you softness. It is difficult to combine a leather jacket with suede, but this is also possible. What is not recommended is a combination of a leather jacket and a leather dress. As the saying goes, there are too many things that do not look the best !.