30+ casual winter outfits that look expensive

Casual winter outfits that look expensive

Each fashionista with the onset of cold weather asks how to look stylish in winter and at the same time not give in to a persistent minus on the street. We know how to combine comfort and style in one look. Moreover, we are going to prove to you that it is very simple! Your winter will definitely not be the same!

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Any basic wardrobe with capsule sets is a wand that saves fashionistas from a headache called “I have nothing to wear.” Here is what it should include to protect against harsh colds:

several basic turtlenecks and cardigans of good quality and different colors;
it is convenient to have at least 2 sweaters in stock: some are classic with an adjacent style, and the other is oversized in accordance with the main fashion trends;
for women who prefer a business style, we recommend having a suit of wool or tweed in a winter wardrobe – such a classic will never have competitors in a fashionable Olympus;
also in the cold anywhere without dense jeans with a fleece lining – it is better to choose stylish models with a high waist;
a suede, denim or leather dress-sundress is perfectly combined with a turtleneck and creates a very cozy bow;
the last peep of the season is high stocking boots that look great with most basic things and warm up to 5+.

















If you are thinking about how to look stylish and fashionable in winter and not freeze at the same time, you should pay attention to the fashion trend of recent seasons – multilayer bows. Putting on several layers of clothing and not looking like cabbage is a whole art, but as soon as you master it, stylish winter bows are guaranteed.
























A win-win formula of a fashionable image under the sign of layering – clothes in one color scheme. This does not mean that you need to wear one color from head to toe. Play around with shades, textures and accessories, and you will create a truly interesting and at the same time restrained outfit.
Manufacturers of winter outerwear rarely decide on juicy bright colors and choose practicality. Yes, a black down jacket is incredibly comfortable, but at the same time incredibly boring.

If your outerwear is made in neutral colors, a great idea would be its variety of bright accessories. Decide on cozy hats, berets, scarves and mittens of the most life-affirming shades and they will certainly cheer you up this winter.