30 Amazing Outdoor Fireplace Design

Outdoor Fireplace Design

To think alone, hold hands in silence or argue noisily, get together in a large company at a common table – no matter how you decide to relax in the fresh air, the garden hearth will revive and complement any scenario.

However, when planning a fireplace on the street, it is first of all important to understand your own expectations – they will help determine the design and location of the fireplace of the “street modification”.

And after that, choose how your outdoor fireplace will look: photos and recommendations in this article will tell you possible options.

Amazing Outdoor Fireplace Design








Outdoor wood burning fireplace
The greatest pleasure from the process, of course, is brought by a wood-burning stove or fireplace as in the photo: it is warm, beautiful, crackles pleasantly, smells good, and is absolutely natural. The fire feels like alive – and it’s not just romance. There is a specific physical justification: when burning wood, the spectrum of light radiation is wider, which gives a wealth of shades of flame, increases heat transfer. Moreover, firewood from various species of wood also burns differently.













How to decorate outdoor fireplaces?
We have decided on the fuel, technologies and schemes for installing outdoor fireplaces – a topic for a separate article. So let’s talk about the choice of materials for creating the base and cladding.

The fireboxes of wood fireplaces, as a rule, are laid out of fireclay bricks or use ready-made cast-iron. The decoration uses natural materials that are non-toxic and resistant to high temperatures. This can be plaster, stone, decorative types of bricks, ceramic tiles.











































Where to place a fireplace?
The hearth itself can be located in open space without a canopy or under the roof – on the terrace, porch, in the gazebo. But in the second case, more attention should be paid to fire safety. Again, because of flying sparks, it is better not to plant large plants at a distance of three to five meters from the campfire.
If the fire in the open air gives a feeling of greater proximity to nature, then the location under a roof or canopy offers the use of the benefits of civilization. It is nice to sit down with a laptop, make coffee and even watch TV.

Such designs, where the television panel, located directly above the fireplace built into the retaining wall (of course, it should not be heated at the same time), are widespread in Western countries.

And this picture is an example of how you can combine the hearth on the street with a summer kitchen.
In other words, if you are going to arrange a fireplace in the garden, keep in mind not the perfect picture from the magazine, but your habits and needs.

Only then a corner of the plot with a street fireplace will become your favorite place where you will always feel calm and harmony.