25+ Magical DIY Crafts With Seashells

Magical DIY Crafts With Seashells

You will not surprise anyone today with shells brought from the sea. In order to please the children a little, take their free time, and perhaps even decorate the interior of their own home, you can make beautiful crafts from shells so that the memories of the sea forever remain and delight you every day.

Keeping seashells as pleasant memories of the beach and swimming in the sea is best in the form of hand-made crafts. Souvenirs made from marine material are durable and beautiful.



























Seashell preparation
Crafts from shells are made with their own hands after the material is carefully prepared for work. Preparation includes several stages.

If the sink is dead, then it can be cleaned in the following ways:

Soak hard cover of invertebrate animals in clean water for 1 week. The liquid will dissolve on the surface of the contamination. It is recommended to change water daily. After the procedure, it is desirable to boil the material.

Shell painting
Crafts from shells with their own hands are bleached or painted. Before decorating, the sink is often treated with a primer, applying it directly to a convex solid surface, while its relief is more clearly drawn under the whitewash.

In the process of staining, various brushes will be required, starting from wide ones (for complete retouching of the mollusk) and ending with a thin tool (for drawing blotches and lines).


























In the hands of creative people, sea shells gain a second life. It is enough to show imagination and the old dwelling of mollusks will turn into beautiful marine compositions or panels that will become a wonderful decoration of your house or serve as an original gift to friends and relatives.