25 Honeycomb shelves decor ideas

25 Amazingly Simple DIY Honeycomb Shelves to Make

A shelf is one of the most common interior elements, which allows not only rationally arranging books, small objects and accessories, but also radically changing the style of the whole interior. If you correctly place and arrange the shelves, they will help transform the space, giving your home a unique charm.
They belong to the geometric types of shelving and look very nice in the interior of the apartment. There are a huge number of options for the location and creation of outstanding forms.
There are still variations with round cells.

For large objects or books, it is better to choose a larger diameter, because only small magazines, newspapers or paperback books can be placed in small cells.

Amazingly Simple DIY Honeycomb Shelves to Make

























Unusual shapes and extraordinary ornaments can decorate any interior and give it unique features and personality.

Correct hexagons of honeycombs have long attracted designers and artists, because this is a truly amazing natural phenomenon that can become an excellent basis for creativity. Today’s workshop will tell you how to make your own original wall shelves in the form of honeycombs.




































For the manufacture of wall shelves in the form of honeycombs, materials and tools will be required:

boards 1-2 cm thick, 10 cm wide (it is better to calculate the length individually);
packing of wood screws;
corner brackets and screws with dowels – for fastening shelves to the wall;
white paint on wood;
color azure for wood (translucent paint) or decorative water-based wax;
paint trays, brushes or paint rollers;
electric drill and drill the required diameters;
grinding machine or sandpaper;
building tape;