25 Handmade Birthday Card Ideas

Handmade Birthday Card Ideas

The best gift is the one that is made with your own hands, especially if it is a true work of art. Ideas for such crafts just hover in the air. The main thing is to catch the idea in time, which card to make with your own hands on your birthday!


After all, man-made exclusive – he is expensive not only in a spiritual sense, over the years he becomes expensive in the very real material expression. One of the most simple in the performance of such gifts – homemade greeting card.

What kind of birthday cards you can make with your own hands Self-made cards, causing not only affection, but also genuine joy, can be made using a variety of decorative trifles tucked under the arm – paper, thread, textile scraps, paints. In case of their presence, postcard “semi-finished products” – blanks can be used.




Do-it-yourself greeting cards can be divided into several large types: musical; volumetric (“3D”); with a surprise; complex construction (“engineering”).
A combination of several types of production in one postcard is considered a good tone – naturally, without fanaticism. According to the technique and materials of manufacture, greeting cards are divided into: paper – based on applications of varying degrees of complexity and texture of the material; fabric – also applications, but from a special fabric; embroidery – any available embroidery technique is used (cross-stitch, satin stitch, using ribbons and / or beads);
ramping and quilling – relatively new technology, in which cards are created by gluing on the ready-made background of medium-sized all sorts of balls, bows, ovalchikov; molded – a special plastic mass is applied to the finished drawing, on the surface of which the necessary elements are manually drawn.