25+ Good Car Themed Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

 Car Themed Kids Bedroom Design Ideas

Bed-car: a bright design element of a children’s room

Surely, the next toy model of a chic car will be the best gift for a kid who is fond of cars. But the best surprise would be not a toy for him, but a real bed-car! This bed looks very bright and unusual.

Both parents and children want to create a cozy and beautiful environment in the children’s room – so that the child plays and sleeps with pleasure. The main place in the room is occupied by a bed – even in a small children’s area, a child should be provided with a full-fledged berth.

 Car Themed Kids Bedroom Design Ideas









Today, manufacturers offer numerous options for children’s beds with an unusual design. Racing cars for boys, a carriage for a girl or a double-decker bus – furniture makers will bring any fantasy to life.

For kids it is better to choose a bed with sides. The design can be different – this is the “Cars” beloved by everyone, and the Formula 1 racing cars, and the super-stylish BMW or Mercedes cars.













Advantages of a bed for cars To begin with, this is an opportunity to give your child a real fairy tale, because the baby will be able to feel like the hero of the cartoon who loves most. Among the advantages of such a piece of furniture are as follows: Originality of design. Such a bed will please the child, make the interior of his room original, stylish. Easy to stack. It is unlikely that even the most capricious kid will choose a dream with his parents before the feeling of relaxation in a real car. You can forget about persuading to sleep – this process will turn into an exciting game. Security. All elements of the bed are large, so the child will not swallow anything. They are rounded, that is, they are not traumatic. Functionality.

This bed is comfortable, especially for children who previously slept in a bed with sides, because here they are. Moreover, they are stylized as a car body. The baby will definitely not fall down from such a bed, so it can be purchased as soon as it grows out of its infant. Huge selection of models. There are many options for thematic beds: at least “Cars”, at least police cars, or maybe a realistic imitation of Audi, Ferrari and so on.



























Of course, a spectacular bed-car is the dream of every growing motorist. But it is important to remember that a stunning realistic design should not precede the quality characteristics and safety of the material.

Check the goods in all respects, because only a reliable design will be as practical and useful as possible in the child’s room.