25 + craft ideas button painting

Craft ideas button painting.

What are the buttons for? In order for any clothes – a shirt, pajamas, coats to “sit” on us neatly, beautifully! Do you have more versions of the answer? I thought that it would never occur to you that buttons are needed for beautiful crafts too! What extraordinary cute little things you can create from buttons!

25+ photo ideas are proof that from almost any household trinket you can make a home decoration, a gift for loved ones. I don’t know how many buttons I had to use for the panel in the form of an apple, but I really wanted to make this panel with my own hands. My children will be delighted with him! Well, what about creative ideas?














This is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to talking about crafts from buttons. Such a homemade panel will serve as an excellent decoration of the interior. In addition, its creation will be an excellent pastime with a child: the baby will learn to use various things like glue and develop his imagination.

  • For the simplest picture you will need:
  • Multi-colored buttons
  • Glue
  • Ordinary pencil
  • Paints, brush and jar of water for washing brushes
  • Cardboard or plywood








































How to create a panel?

First of all, it is worth preparing the canvas – paint it in the desired shade. It is unlikely that the natural color of plywood or cardboard will look aesthetically pleasing in the context of the picture.
The cloth should dry.
Then, with a pencil, the outlines of the intended plot are accurately drawn.
Now the most interesting part remains – decorating with buttons! They are attached to the glue. If you successfully combine buttons not only in color but also in size, you can get an interesting relief. A lot of buttons in white or any other neutral shade can help design the background.