25 Best DIY Birdhouse Ideas

Best DIY Birdhouse Ideas

This article talks about how to make a bird house with your own hands. Making birdhouses is an interesting activity, especially if you show your children how to work with different tools and how to turn an ordinary wooden board into something unique. In addition, a birdhouse, a good gift to friends or acquaintances. To make a birdhouse with your own hands, usually one board and a couple of the simplest tools are enough.

Best DIY Birdhouse Ideas

There are a great many different designs of birdhouses, they are made both for a certain type of bird, and purely from artistic preferences for decorating a garden or yard. Just remember, the birds do not care how you decorate their house, the size of the hole of the notch and the internal volume of the birdhouse are important to them, so when you make a house for the birds, first think about functionality, and then about decor.









The birdhouses presented here are basically a classic style – simple and functional. If you have never done such projects before, you can choose the appropriate option from this selection, here are collected examples of the simplest and most accessible constructions for beginners.




































Unusual decor can be done using wine corks. This material has a porous, but strong structure, which protects the structure from moisture. In addition, such a coating allows you to save heat. And also the cork is easy and simple to handle.

Using original ideas, it must be remembered that such a product should not attract the attention of different predators. You should also not abuse it with various shiny and rustling details that can scare feathered friends.

With the right approach, a beautiful birdhouse will become not only a wonderful place for birds to live, but also a magnificent decoration for a garden or summer cottage. The advantage of home-made designs is that you can make them with the whole family with children.