25+ Beautiful DIY Flower Topiary Centerpiece

25 Beautiful DIY Topiary Design Ideas

Topiary is a small but original tree. For its manufacture using natural or artificial materials, it depends on the author’s imagination.

Such a tree is used as a decorative accessory, another name for this ornament is the tree of happiness. In accordance with the rules of Feng Shui, it brings joy to the house.







Topiary with their own hands can make anyone. Its length varies from 15 cm to half a meter.

Materials for topiary can be varied, starting with real fruits and ending with coins.

Topiary – one of the most popular types of creativity, accessible to everyone! A few years ago we didn’t even hear such a word, and even more so we didn’t meet anyone at home in the interior of such a tree!






Coffee topiary is a beautiful accessory that can decorate any room. It is easy to make, but it looks elegant and unusual. A master class on topiary production is described in detail below!










Depending on its size and design, it can be installed both on the bookshelves and on the floor; both in the kitchen and in the living room, and even in the bathroom. It should be noted that topiary is not a miniature copy of any specific trees and does not pretend to compete with them. Topiary – does not copy any of the trees that exist in nature. When creating it, you can use a variety of materials and color combinations. You can use flowers, coffee beans, fabric, sisal fiber, pebbles, beads, ribbons, various accessories from floristics or sewing accessories to decorate a decorative tree. Total not count.










Topiary, it is also called the “European tree” or “Tree of happiness” – this is a common interior decoration in European floristics, recently widespread in our country. Symbolizes prosperity and well-being in the house.

This article will be devoted just to this popular type of needlework.

Imagine this area for hundreds of thousands of years!

So let’s see what it is and where it came from!

In ancient times, there was the art of curly hairstyle plants. Gardeners in the gardens of the Roman nobility created freakish figures from the crowns of trees, bushes and half-poses. They cut out figures of animals, attached various geometric forms, and built whole labyrinths. These gardens were called – Topiarii. The word “topiary” (curly pruning) comes from the Latin word for the decorative garden landscape – “topiaries”.