22 Best Garden Sculpture Ideas

Best Garden Sculpture Ideas

Not only floral arrangements, but also small architectural forms help revive the landscape of a country or house plot.

Photos of garden sculptures on homesteads are diverse.

How to choose or create a suitable finishing touch for your land?

Garden sculptures are among the most complex elements of the decor of a summer cottage, a person with a taste and sense of proportion can pick up a decorative object that is in harmony with the environment. Otherwise, the sculpture in the garden will break out of the general style and only spoil the appearance of the site. To create decorative sculptures for the garden, the following materials can be used:

  • gypsum (including structures with a metal frame);
  • metal (rods, thick wire, sheet material, casting, pipes, angle and other metal profile);
  • artificial and natural stone (quarry stone, crushed stone, ASG, large pieces of granite and marble, etc.);
  • clay and silicate bricks;
  • plants with thick and fine foliage;
  • edged and uncut sawn timber;
  • stumps and snags of a fancy shape;
  • Styrofoam;
  • concrete;
  • shell rock;
  • rubber tires, plastic bottles and other improvised materials.

The most useful information about sculptures for summer cottages can be obtained by studying specific examples. Their description with the photo will help you to find out if this option is suitable or not. In addition, this will significantly broaden the horizons and possibly suggest new design ideas that were not previously taken into account.

Using sculptures allows you to raise the visual appeal of the garden to a higher level. To do this, the figures must be correctly selected and arranged. Entrust this work better to a professional designer or architect.