20+ of the Best Nail Art on Toes

Best Toe Nail Art Ideas For 2019 – 2020.

Who’s ready for a fresh pedicure?
Toe nail art is one of the best ways to make your feet look sexy and interesting. If you are fond of nail art and manicure, you should pay more attention to your pedicure, as well.

The world of nail art does not stand still, and every year there are new trends that resonate in the hearts of real fashionistas. Of course, not every one of the presented options can be called really beautiful. Some of them look quite extravagant and are suitable exclusively for events or shows. But nevertheless, in 2019 -2020, no one forbids experimenting, leaving the comfort zone and trying something new for themselves. And about what design options are considered the most beautiful, we suggest to talk right now.





Fashionable pedicure in the 2019-2020 year away from the multi-layered and complex patterns, the creation of which takes a lot of time. Now the main trend is minimalism. He dictates simple and uncomplicated ideas that even beginners in nail art can handle.

The lack of a large number of parts also allows you to use ideas for nail design and those who want to take care of the beauty of their feet. Every woman will choose a fashionable pedicure for herself in 2019-2020 – there are a lot of options to choose from, among which you will surely find the right one for her and precisely for her outfit. Consider the main trends and photo news of this season.











Best Toe Nail Art Ideas. In the new year several trends came at once, which correspond to different tastes and trends. So every woman will find a lot of design options for a pedicure that would fit her clothes and shoes. For example, beach season fans will appreciate the popular striped pattern, which repeats the theme of vests with a combination of white and blue colors. Herbalist lovers will also not stand aside – for them there are simple flower motifs and light solid solutions that will also decorate nails with soft shades. The ladies need only choose a style for 2019-2020. Glamor will return to fashion: a pedicure with rhinestones and other nail decorations takes over again. At the same time, masters of nail art should remember about the necessary combination of a pedicure with a classic manicure. A classic jacket will be a good solution, especially since it also does not yield to positions in the fashion world.