20 Easy And Cute Back To School Hairstyles You Must Try

Easy And Cute Back To School Hairstyles

Back to school is very important and you want to look fabulous and fresh when you show up. So if you wanna surprise your friends, then you must have a back to school hairstyle. And the hairstyle can not be so hard, and the hairstyle need to be cute at the same time.


First of all, the hairstyle to school should be practical and sustainable. If the hairstyle is loose or very light, then after a couple of hours there will be no trace of it, especially if there is also a physical education lesson. At the same time, the hairstyle should not tighten the hair too much so that blood circulation is not disturbed, because the head will hurt and the child will quickly become tired. And the main requirement of a school hairstyle is that it does not take a lot of time to create.

We offer options for hairstyles for different hair lengths, which will make the image complemented and individual for both little girls and older girls.











The bunch is the best suited for the school, and it is not difficult to make it, you first need to make the tail and secure it with good elastic. We dress a bagel, and leave one thin strand for braiding. The hair that remains in the bagel is evenly distributed and begin to weave the braid.

Then the pigtail, which remained, circle around the beam and secure with hairpins. You can decorate the bunch with a bow or a beautiful hairpin.





























Pigtails will look beautiful on any hair, but on long hair you can create whole masterpieces. You can decorate with braiding tails, bunches and simply loose hair. Pigtails can be located anywhere – on a bang, on a crown, on a nape.

You can’t do these weaves in five minutes, but they look just amazing.