18 Handprint Crafts for Kids Ideas

Handprint Crafts for Kids Ideas

Every mother wants to keep some reminder about her child’s childhood. Hand-made crafts will not only be a pleasant reminder of a child’s childhood, but will also help develop his imagination, creative and spatial thinking, fine motor skills. From prints of children’s pens or their stencils, cut out of paper, you can create a lot of flat and voluminous crafts.

Handprint Crafts for Kids Ideas





To develop their children ‘s imagination and craving for creativity, parents are engaged in various creative activities with them: drawing, modeling, appliqués and others. Most children like to learn and create something new, and they learn easily.

If your child loves to make something with his own hands, it’s time to show him interesting crafts that can be made from his own palms. Applications from children’s palms are simple in execution. Making them fun and exciting, and the result is unusual.






Stencil for cutting do outlined childs handprints. You can get a variety of pictures – from trees to images of animals, birds and strange fish: it can be a peacock and a hare, a hedgehog and a rooster. Homemade products on the theme of autumn are easy to make and look beautiful – a multi-colored palm tree looks like an autumn maple with red and yellow leaves.







The technique of creating hand-made crafts opens up many opportunities for children to develop imagination, creative and spatial thinking. Working with small parts and tools contributes to the development of fine motor skills of babies.