1) Powder Brush. It allows you to apply loose powder with a thin layer of weightless. No mask effect. Ideal natural bristle.

2) Brush for blush. Ideal natural bristle. Designed for applying blush a light layer. There are several forms: round and beveled.

3) flat top brush. Designed for dense powder coating evenly. Ideal for applying bronzer to make it look absolutely natural.

4) The fan brush. It allows you to apply powder / highlighter invisible layer of skin and remove excess powder and crumbled makeup particles.

5) Brush for foundation



6) The angular brush for shadows. Ideal for applying shadow in the crease and corners of the eyes.

7) The beveled brush for eyeliner / brow correction.

8) Brush for shades with a short nap. It will help create the perfect smokey eyes. A short nap is ideal for drawing and shading shadows along the lash line. For dense shading and blending shadows on the eyelid.

9) The flat brush for shadows. Designed for applying shadow on the entire eyelid evenly and smoothly. Ideal for applying foundation on the eyelid.

10) Brush for shading shadows. Ideal for application and blending friable or cream shadows for applying eye shadow along the crease to add depth.

11) Kabuki Brush. It is used for spraying all kinds of powder, blush and bronzer all over his face. This brush has a small handle for a controlled application.

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