What to Pack for the Beach

What to Pack for the Beach

What to Pack for the Beach1

Of course, when you go to the beach you need to collect things rationally, taking into account the climate of the country in which you are going to go and your own complexion. Also do not forget about personal preferences, if you are going to spend most of the time on the beach, then this is one wardrobe, and if the plans include a trip to the mountains — you need to take care of the appropriate equipment. Of course, there is no universal list of what clothes to take on the sea to a woman, but without some things on the beach you can not do without:
1. Swimsuit, of course it is better if there are several. Do not forget that bathing clothes for the sea for fat women, should be chosen taking into account all the features and problem areas. As a rule, gorgeous young ladies prefer closed swimsuits, suits with bodice «halter» in monochrome colors.
2. Also mandatory attributes of the beach image are pareo, headdress, slippers or slates.
3. Shorts and T-shirts. Two pairs of shorts and a couple of T-shirts will save you from the trouble and thought that you can put on an excursion or going out to the city to shop for souvenirs.
4. For sure, a light romantic dress or sundress will come in handy. In such clothes the woman at the sea will look especially attractive.
5. Thinking about what to take out of clothes at sea, each woman needs to take care of the comfort of evening walks. For such cases, fit: light trousers, blouse with a long sleeve or shirt.
6. Look ahead in advance of the weather forecast, it is possible that even in southern countries you will need jeans, a sweater and closed shoes.
7. Fans of outdoor activities and long walks should take trainers and light tracksuit.
8. Of course, young ladies who plan to visit expensive restaurants and parties — without evening dress and beautiful sandals can not do without.


And just in case you’re a list-maker, here’s a handy checklist for you to take to the closet when you’re getting everything ready to go.. hopefully not the night before!


What clothes to take to the beach, a question relevant to women at the age of young fashionistas and young mothers. At the same time, each determines its priorities, the only thing that can be advised to all girls without exception is to take things from natural fabrics that fit well together.