What make-up suits you?

What make-up suits you?

Every woman at least once in his life there was a question as to pick up make-up to a specific addition or hairstyle, eye color, for the solemn event, or any other occasion. Nothing complicated about it is, in principle, not only need to follow the rules of make-APA, to determine the technique of applying makeup, suitable for the type of appearance, and to observe the color compatibility. For everyday option is important to choose natural shades and lines, to spend more time exploring the details to no more catchy blunders that during the day can be seen with the naked eye. The evening version of the small mistakes are not as noticeable as in the daytime, and even paint you want to use more vivid and spectacular, or artificial light absorb makeup, and she runs the risk of others seem nondescript, bleak, colorless. In the daytime, bright make-up shall be permitted only in exceptional cases, for example, a masquerade.

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So, if a girl has ripened a question, make a right for me, then you need to start with a definition of its tsvetotipa. Correctly identifying shades of hair, skin and eyes, will be able to set your color type, and then it will be much easier to find a suitable color cosmetics. Total beauticians are four types corresponding to a certain time of year, and having a dependence on it