Trend of the season: orange color in clothes

Orange color in clothes

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Orange — the most youthful, cheerful and cheerful color. It helps to relieve stress and helps to solve difficult situations, raises the mood and speeds up the heartbeat. In orange clothes, you will feel as if you can roll mountains!
Orange color gives unusual combinations with blue, red, and purple. Also this color is perfectly combined with white and dark shades.


For all its seeming simplicity, the orange color has different shades, which I choose to take into account my own color. So, blondes with pale skin and gray, green, and blue eyes will approach a red-orange color of medium intensity.
The dull skin tone can be freshened by picking up the outfit in an orange-brown tone.

Contrary to the popular belief that red-haired young ladies do not wear orange, such girls can easily choose red-orange or orange with blue or green trim.

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Dark-haired girls will look good in clothes of light orange tones. A swarthy bright brunettes will look very stylish in the headgear of bright orange tones.
We recommend that you pay attention not only to orange clothes, but also to accessories: bracelets, beads, scarves and bags. Stylists say that complementing the outfit with such cheerful accessories, you will look fashionable and stylish.