Top of the most seductive female perfume.

Seductive Women’s Perfume.

According to scientific studies, the sense of smell of men and women is radically different. In the fair sex it is almost twice as developed. But, despite this, men with pleasure «revel in» attractive feminine fragrances. The main thing is what practically all the representatives of the strong half of mankind agreed — the smells should not be suffocating. It is a light fragrance that attracts attention and pushes men into acquaintance.

Today we decided to put together the most sensual and popular perfumes, one of which a modern girl simply must have.

Perfumes of passion

Ways of seduction of men there is a huge amount, and the spirits in this list are far from the last place. Here is the TOP 10 of the sexiest smells:

  1. Chanel No. 5, Chanel. He rightfully takes the first place in our list, because millions of women around the world gave him their preference. Coco Chanel entrusted the invention of the legendary smell known to the tsar’s court of Russia perfumer, who fled to France during the revolution. Chanel No. 5, Chanel.Perfume consists of three parts: the initial notes are ylang-ylang, lemon and bergamot, the base is floral amber: jasmine, rose, violet, and the train harmoniously combines the scents of patchouli, sandal, vanilla. It was Chanel No. 5 worshiped by Merlin Monroe.
  2. Eros Pour Femme, Versace. Named in honor of the god of love, this fragrance will smite every man on the spot. Eros Pour Femme, Versace.According to Donatella Versace, the creator of the perfume, he will become an effective weapon for women who know what passion is. This combination of woody-floral notes with elements of musk, which is known for its exciting action.
  3. Opium, YSL. One of the most seductive perfumes that belongs to the oriental spicy group. The first perfumes of Opium became a sensation in the world of perfumery, no aroma before this yet contained so many alcohol components that held the train for a long time.Opium, YSL. In it you can feel the spicy smells of cloves, cinnamon and pepper, as well as fruit additives — orange, peach, plum. All this is complemented by an exquisite sandalwood tree.
  4. For Her, Narciso Rodrigues. Its creator says that in every bottle of perfume is a part of his soul. The creation of the designer’s fragrance was inspired, of course, by the woman.For Her, Narciso Rodrigues The base note is enchanting Egyptian musk, incredibly sexy and magical.
  5. J’adore, Dior. Another feminine fragrance that has gained incredible popularity. Classical sensual flower-fruit spirits were created in 1999. J'adore, Dior.They reveal their warmth after applying to the body, and fragrant with the aromas of mandarin, orchid and amaranth tree. J’adore is the fragrance of love, sun and natural charm.
  6. 212, Carolina Herrera.4 It was released in 1997, and is still one of the most popular. This perfume is not just an ordinary remedy that will accumulate in the cosmetic bag, it is a real fragrance of a free, energetic and chic woman. Pyramid composition consists of notes of lily, jasmine and sandalwood. Just a few drops of such spirits will transform you beyond recognition.
  7. Nina, Nina Ricci. In the opinion of a large number of men interviewed, these spirits possess some sort of fabulous and even magical smell. Nina, Nina RicciA bottle in the form of a red apple is familiar to almost every girl. Enchanting and seductive citrus, tender caramel, peony flavor and trail of apple and cedar — this unearthly combination turns a girl into a divine nymph. But to taste this fruit is lucky only for the chosen one.
  8. Obsession, Calvin Clein. Obsession, Calvin CleinOnce you feel it, you can never forget it. A non-trivial and very sensual combination of coriander, bitterness of wormwood and a special aroma of marigolds is suitable for confident women who are not afraid to demonstrate their sexuality.
  9. Youth Dew, Estee Lauder. Few saturated flavors are suitable for daily use, but this is definitely not about Youth Dew. It is made so harmoniously that even deep woody notes do not overload perfume and do not create a heavy trail. Spicy smells of cinnamon and cloves are perfectly combined with patchouli and musk. Youth Dew, Estee LauderPerfume from Estee Lauder gives out the confidence of her mistress, and therefore men should arm themselves with unconventional ideas to start dating.
  10. Lady Million, Paco Rabanne. A composition that will suit a determined girl. Lady Million, Paco RabanneA complex pyramid of smells, based on the bitterness of orange, the tenderness of jasmine and the languor of patchouli, creates an unsurpassed fragrance, making its mistress a real fatal woman.

Only a real woman has the ability to seduce a man, not yet appearing. The light fragrance of her perfume, which arose in the air a few seconds before she enters, will surely provoke the genuine interest of the opposite sex.