The most popular bags in the world

The most popular bags

Last year, marketers of Digital Luxury Group set out to find out which bags are the most desirable for consumers. They decided to do this by analyzing the history of queries of various search engines. After processing a large number of data- more than 130 million queries — experts have come to interesting conclusions.

The most beloved and necessary thing for every woman is nothing but a bag. For them we can put everything that you may need. It is for the reason that this accessory accompanies us women all the time to his choice should be approached very seriously. And manufacturers to become more and more every day. How to choose a quality thing, capable of organically supplement your image? Before we begin to study with you some famous brands bags, let’s make their short list. So, when choosing a bag is worth paying attention to the following brands: Louis Vuitton; Prada; Gucci; Dolce & Gabanna; Gizia. And now we will talk about each of these brands separately.


Bag Hermes Birkin — this is the case, when one thing turns into a legendary brand and separate at the same time into the dream of many women in the world. Bag, which cost starts from a few thousand dollars, which queues of several years, the object of envy and luxury, which is in first place in the number of global counterfeiting



Louis Vuitton, DKNY, Michael Kors, Givenchy, Moschino — leading brands that manufacture their own way beautiful, original bags. In favor of the brand is to make a choice, because not only that the bag should be beautiful, she also has to be comfortable and versatile.

After all, what good is buying a beautiful but utterly inconvenient bag? The bag can be a key and a key element of your dress and image. But always classic, always remaining in the top of the most popular handbags, may be the very same bag that you are looking for!










Before buying, we must first determine what needed bag, because they are different, work, beach, sports or for everyday use.
It should also be taken into account for any time of year chosen bag, fur trim will look ridiculous in the summer.
The bag should be put on the shoulder and walk, it should not be too heavy and uncomfortable, hardware items should not cling to clothes.