The interior in the Japanese style

The interior in the Japanese style

The interior, created under the laws of Japanese style can be described as a kind designer ode dedicated to the perfection of simplicity and functionality. In the Japanese home everything is aimed at ensuring the harmony of the human body and spirit.
Recreate almost impossible, because we have a climate and not the views of the arrangement and other dwellings in our reality immaculate interior in Japanese style. But to bring him some items, reflecting the Japanese spirit and meet the basic design concept, the task doable.


The interior in the Japanese style1












To you shall be consistent with Japanese-style room, you should follow a few basic rules:
Minimalism. The first and fundamental rule. Minimalism should be observed in all that filled the room. This means that the room should be spacious enough. Avoid excesses, unnecessary things — purchase only the most necessary. Rule minimalist ensures free movement of positive energy flows, from the point of view of the Japanese is essential.
Functionality. The second rule of Japanese interior. To some extent it is a continuation of the first rule. To avoid a cluttered space of many objects, to acquire should be multifunctional objects or objects transformers. For example, in the bedrooms of Japanese homes is necessary to be a chest in which the hosts are cleaned on a daily pull-out mattress to sleep, so-called — futon.
The proximity to nature. To create a Japanese interior is obligatory to use only natural materials. Such a strict rule applies to furniture, textiles and decoration materials.
Mobility. The fourth rule to be followed — the ability to easily and quickly transform a room. Historically, that in view of the small area of the wonderful country of the rising sun in the small-sized apartments Japanese houses. Therefore, the same room at different times of the day the Japanese used in different ways: living freely converted into a bedroom or dining room, and vice versa.

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