The combination of gray and pink clothing for women.

The combination of gray and pink clothing for women.

Colours — the science that allows using a combination of colors, not only to manage your mood, but also to create a kind of «message» to others. To look at you, they understand who you are, what fond, that is interesting for you, etc. But always we consciously choose the color? In most cases, no. But we always inform others that are present. Even if we think that we did not follow the order, what you will wear, we communicate a lot.

Of course, better manage the impression produced consciously. To this end, it is important to understand the psychology of color.

For example, a pink. For some people, it seems totally unacceptable because of its romantic and even girlhood. But much depends on what we surround pink. By itself, the pink — the color of femininity, tenderness, coquetry. Not for nothing because he was so popular in the Rococo era.

The lighter shade of pink and muted, the softer the impression he is. The darker shade and rich, the more active it becomes. For example, in the film «Marie Antoinette» was shown in the pink color is very accurate in all its shades and the produced impression. Let’s look at the most successful variation.

Soft and gentle impression carries a light pastel shade of pink.

The combination of gray and pink clothing for women.1







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