The best light for your home — «Moon»

Lamp for your home — «Moon»

Today’s young people are contrary to the conventions of neglected scope, pushing the boundaries, and certainly inclined to accept new, even the most daring ideas. All of this has found its realization in the present design project. The hosts of the interior deliberately turned into a studio apartment, thus pushing the limits and creating a unity of style and harmony. The designer skillfully uses all the stylistic possibilities of modernity for the realization of the most difficult tasks assigned to it customers.

The original design of the living room

In spite of the selected base tranquil pastel colors, then there are many successful accents and subtle nuances. That there is only a choice of upholstered furniture for the living room: a saturated purple minimalist sofa as if arguing with refined light beige armchair, though the unity of the composition is achieved through the use of decorative pillows. Futuristic light glass coffee table combined with soft furnishings confirms the correctness of the definition of styles — modern.










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